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Mars Hydro 4 Inch Inline Air Carbon Filter Odor Control

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MARS HYDRO 4 Inch Carbon Filter, Inline Air Filter Odor Control with Australian Virgin Charcoal, Carbon Filter for Inline Fan, Grow Tent, Hydroponics, Pre-Filter Included, Reversible Flange


mars hydro 4inch carbon filter ideal for grow tents, hydroponic romms

mars hydro 4inch carbon filter with high quality materials

mars hydro 4inch carbon filter pre-filter blocks particles

mars hydro 4inch carbon filter materials

mars hydro 4inch carbon filter grow tent ventilation system

mars hydro 4inch carbon filter applications


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Core Coverage1.5'x1.5'
Max Coverage1.5'x1.5
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Superior Activated Carbon

Made of imported 1050+ Virgin Australian activated charcoal, delivering 100% filtered airflow, which provides better absorption and removes odor efficiently.

Effective Odor Control

The MARS HYDRO carbon filter is designed to use activated carbon to eliminate odors and chemicals. Ideal for controlling odor and purifying the air in grow tents/rooms, and can also absorb odors from pets and smoke.

Multiple Functions

The carbon filter can be used in conjunction with 4 inch inline fan to act as both intake and exhaust configuration. Ideal for eliminating some of the most undesirable odors for growing rooms, hydroponics rooms, indoor grow tents, and basements.

Pre-Filter Cloth

Heavy-duty construction contains aluminum ranges and dual-sided galvanized steel mesh. Includes a machine washable pre-filter cloth to prevent carbon residue.

Carbon Filter Spec

Dimensions: 4" Flange Ducting x 12" Length I Airflow Rating: 210 CFM. Package Included: 4 inch Carbon Filter×1, Pre-Filter ×1. (The belts are not included in the package.)

Using Tips

To achieve the best using experience, we suggest change the carbon filter for every 3-month.