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Mars Hydro 6-Layer Mesh Herb Drying Rack With Pruning Shear

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Quick Overview
  • Layers: 6
  • Diameter: 24 Inch
  • Fits: 3x3 ft or larger grow tents

Mars Hydro 6-layer mesh herb drying rack with pruning shears provides premium quality, solid stability, versatile applications, and comfortable experiences to dry and prune plant material to ideal status with maintained nutrients for further preservation, consumption, and health care.

Ideal For Drying Plant Material: Designed to dry and cure plant material through natural wind drying, the Mars Hydro hanging drying rack is perfect for drying weeds, herbs, hydroponics, nuts, seeds, flowers, and vegetables.

6 Individual Chambers With Rugged Zippers: Each 7.8-inch-high individual chamber is made of durable polyester mesh and steel frame structure to carry up to 2.2 lbs. With rugged zippers, all chambers are enclosed to guard against unwanted visitors.

Impervious Fabric Top & Breathable Drying Netting: The impervious fabric top of the drying rack prevents dust and possible water drops from disturbing the drying material. While the polyester mesh netting “breathes” in and out winds at an even pace so that the drying is even, uniform, and steady.

Versatile "S" Hook & Built-In Loop: The solid “S” hook and built-in Velcro loop combination allow for more mountable placements, capable of hanging almost anywhere whether indoors, outdoors, or in the grow tents.

Collapsible Design For Easier Storage: The collapsible design of the herb drying rack supports a space-saving storage method - in 4 steps, it easily folds into a compact 12-inch diameter package for easy home storage.

Stainless Steel Pruning Shears: Mars Hydro pruning shears are designed with stainless steel blades, vibration-damping spring, ergonomic anti-slip grip, and locking mechanism to help with prune, trimming, and shaping plant materials by a safe and comfortable approach for further drying, storage, or promoting healthy growth.

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Core Coverage1.5'x1.5'
Max Coverage1.5'x1.5
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