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BAR12-60cm led grow light(USA)


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BAR12-60cm led grow light(USA)

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-4°F ~105°F (-20°C ~ 40°C)



LED grow bar series is a flexible, 12V DC waterproof, no fans, aluminum casing, new LED tech LED grow light. We are using the mature High power SMD2016 chips, Epistar brand. Besides'we added the reflector material in the light to increase the light output and availability. You can use them separately or connect several lights together. It can be used to shelf hydroponic grow, H2O hydroponic grow. Greenhouse flower/vegetalble grow, and supplement lighting for medical plants system. What's more, the spectrum can be customized'vegetative spectrum or flowering spectrum, your decision . Because this is a small light and not too much LEDs, in order to mix spectrums better, the LEDs layout are alternate permutation. Compared with the 2012 design, we did not only upgrade the heavy casing, but also the LEDs and LED layout have been upgraded. Of course, As one of Mars Hydro hot series, high price performance is also the mark of this series.

Custom Bar Light:

  • We can change the spectrum/LEDs Layout , vegetative spectrum, full spectrum, flowering spectrum, all red, all blue, all white? Just let us know, we can do for your FREE. Three options: blue, white and red.
  • We can connect different amount of lights together, tell us how many your grow room needs and what is your plan, we will give you the best solution.
  • The certifications your government verified.
  • The Logo on the product, the company information put on the product and what’s specification you want to put. Besides, you can also customs the package, normal package, gift package, logo package, all are ok .
  • Chip brand options: Epistar / CREE.


  • Products are in China, we only accept wholesale orders and you need to pay import duties.
  • 60cm bar light, MOQ is 100pieces, 120cm Bar light, MOQ is 50pieces. The more the better, If you want to ship by sea and saving shipping cost, you'd better order more than 300pieces.
  • FREE sample is available, Bar12-60cm only, buyers need to pay the international shipping FEE, FEDEX usually.


Shelf vegetable grow:

For the limited of space, shelf hydroponic grow is very popular now, especially in Japan, America and United Kingdom and some other European countries. This is for indoor palnts grow only, you can grow different plants, lettuce, salads, lucky bamboo etc.It can help you save space a lot.

greenhouse grow:

Greenhouse grow anti-season flowers and vegatables are very popular now, some places do not have enough sunshine in the winter or all the year round, and this grow bar light will be a good choice, it is not too powerful compared other 600w or 100w light, and it can cover your area in a balance way also. You can trun the light on wholedy, rainy day or dark day/evening. Energy saving but meets your demands. It is much better than T5/T8/T12 but the price isn't higher than tube light, more powerful also,flexible spectrum but not only white. Besides, it is waterproof, longer lifespan for sure.

Supplement lighting:

As we know that there has a lot people are grow medical plants, and they are using high power 600w and 1000w light, but the bottom places or the size places, the lights can not cover well, this bar light can help a lot. You can set it on the ground, the side place or on the plants. You will not worry the penetration problem and the buds mature time is different any more, this light can cover the bottom places or the inner plants, very flexible. It has 60cm one, 120cm one, you can choose the size according to the size of your grow area.

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Customer Reviews

Great supplemental light Review by Gary H
This light has sealed connection points and is just enough to cover those areas where your larger mars doesn't hit. Installation is very easy and the mount holes allow for placement of this light in almost any angle to hit those spots that have less penetration from your larger light. Also the light is extremely lightweight. I will also be posting a review once my flower has finished about the difference in yield.

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