Usually to choose the suitable led grow lights, you need to consider below options:

- Budget:

We have several kinds of led grow light series. You can consider different series lights based on your budget.

  • If your budget is not tight, you can try our best Mars pro II series.
  • If you wants to get better growing result, but budget is limited, you can try our Mars II series.
  • If you are first indoor growers and do not have much to invest, you can choose our ECO or Reflector series;

- Growing Sizeļ¼š

We have recommended growing size for each led grow lights, you can choose the suitable lights based on your own growing size.

- HPS/HID replacement If you use HPS or HID before,

you can choose the lights based on your previous HPS/HID wattage. We have recommended replacing HPS/HID wattage for each panel of our lights, you can choose the lights based on this data. - Your expected growing result Each series of our lights grow different results. The better light it is, the better growing result you will get. The best growing result for each series are as below:

  • Mars pro II series can grow around 1.8~2g/w;
  • Mars II series can grow 1.6~1.8g/w;
  • Reflector series can grow 1.3~1.6g/w;
  • Mars ECO can grow 0.8~1.2g/w.

- Special needs:

If you have special needs like quiet and waterproof. Mars COB will be your best choice. No fan, no noise.