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Top Picks

MARS Hydro FC 8000
· Professional Samsung LED Grow Light

· Smart LED Grow Light In Smart Grow System

· Fast Heat Dissipation Avoid Hot Spot
Mars Hydro TS 1000
The Best-Selling High Efficiency LED
MARS Hydro TS 3000
High Efficiency and High Quality
Mars Hydro TSW 2000
Patent Highly Reflective Hood Design
Mars Hydro SP 3000
Superior heat dissipation performance


Why Choose Us

14 Years of Independent Innovation

Conducted independent technical research and pioneered in the LED grow lighting industry for 14 years.

10 Sophisticated Global Warehouses

Secure and fast dispatch from 10 local depots around the world offering local express delivery within 3-5 business days.

24 Hours Guaranteed Service

Professional consultancy and responsive post-service are guaranteed within 24 hours by specialized Solutions Team.


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