Dear All Mars Hydro Customers,

Mars Hydro, The biggest LED grow light manufacture in China, and we own 40% of the LED grow light sales. We have been on internet since 2009 when we was born, very less customers meet with us in life. Now we are planning to meet with your guys from 2017 and know more about you to make a better LED grow light and grow tent.So we decided to begin with High Times Cannabis cup , In 2017, we will go to at least 5 high times cannabis cup, March 4~5 2017, Las Vegas will be the first one we go . We hope to meet with your guys there. Except we will bring some gifts for you , is there something else you want us to bring? Who do you want to see on Cannabis cup? need your suggestions now!!! Thank you all ,see you soon .

--------Mars Hydro Team