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Advantage of transplant your plants

Friday, September 8, 2017 2:02:23 AM America/Los_Angeles

Advantage of transplant your plants

Advantage of transplant your plants:

1 Transplant will actuate the growth of the plants

Usually growers will start the plants in a relatively container,they will grow faster than you start with a big/final container.This is because their root system can get the right mixture of air and water.

So when the plants grow up,you need to transplant them into a relatively bigger container,to ensure their roots have enough of space to expand,otherwise,they will form a “wall” around the container.

2 Transplant will help to prevent root-bound

If you start a plants in a big/final container,and they grow in their too long,their roots may become “root-bound”.After that the root system can not get enough oxygen,nutrients,also can not absorb the water well,and the root will be mess up together.Then the plants will stop growing or start to have problems.

So it’s better that we start a plants in a relatively container,and transplant the plants after they grow up.

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