Mars Hydro Cup 3




Winner Category :


1, Best Grow journal :


Journal from start to end, record every grow step is very important to win .




2,Best grow result:


whoes grow get the highest gram per watt, who can win this category. Grow journal is necessary, only grow result post will not be choose by judge.




3: Best Spreader:


who get most likes and share (one share=5 likes)  when you post information about us, please tag MarsHydro .




4: Best picture


 We will take some pictures from your grow journal then put it on our facebook and Instagram, who get the most likes who win this category, but if you buy likes, your rights will be cancelled.




4: Best Video:


who shows Video in internet for us, email us the link, we will find out the best one. Useful is very important for this category.




Award or the products we would like to sponsor every winner:




4 Mars Pro II 80LED light ( will be released 5,Jan, 2017),


1 Mars hydro 4x4’grow tent,


4 Bar24LED-120cm( set up at each corner of the tent),


1 pair of yoyo hanger,


1 pair of Glass for led grow light only ( we will release the glass 5,Jan, 2017)








#1. Plants must be grown with only a MARS LED LIGHT. No CFL no t5/8 no HPS. Just a MARS light which is selling on , If you do not know, please  go to check website first.




#2. You should have to show some kind of progressive growth. From seed/clone all the way thru flower. Whether it be Photos,A video time line,Or just clips of videos. And you can post your grow journal or picture or video everywhere you want. forum, social media ,etc, but you need to  email us and tell us where you post, then we will post your information on our website for checking.




#3 Share your strain and feeding schedule. You don't have to give up what your secret potions are. Unless you want to. But should share how often they are being fed.


I.E. Once a week feeding once a week water. Feeding with every water. No feeding at all.




#4. What size is your garden. Bigger gardens have to balance more lights to get even coverage.




Procudure: Begin your grow à Post your grow record on internetà email to marketing2@mars-hydro.comà The link of your post will  be put  under this newsà  you are one of the mars hydro competitorsà  you keep posting, one week one update at leastà till the end of grow, Mars Hydro will choose winner à Mars Hydro announce the winnerà Mars Hydro ship the award products to winner




Mars Hydro Cup 3:Begin 1,Jan,2017    End:30,April,2017




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