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Super Cropping Canabis

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 2:49:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

Super Cropping Canabis

Super Croppig Cannabis

What is supper cropping

Super cropping is one of the best way to increase your yields for indoor growing, it also one of the easiest way with out any costs. The principle of Super Cropping to increase the yields is let the lower branches get enough light to expand upwards, therefore more buds will get in the later.


How to Super Crop

Like said before, super crop is very easy, you need any other tools, only your thumb and forefinger.

First, you need a marijuana plant to super cropping haha, for super cropping, you might want a 3 or 4 weeks old plant, and then find the parts that are pliable (usually near the first and third node sets).

Second, Using your finger squeeze the plants part that you picked before, turning the braches about 90 degrees, making the top towards what you want to, and then using some soft rubber rope to bend the branch. Waiting for it heal.

Really easy right? Do you wanna try it? 

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