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  1. Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum 150W 2ftx2ft 3ftx3ft coverage
    SKU: TS-1000

    Regular Price: US$139.99

    Special Price US$126.99

    As low as: US$124.45

    TS1000 is the best novice LED grow light, serving adequate light to 2-4 plants. Its reasonable price, marked yield improvement, and variable output control make it friendly to new growers.

    • Wattage - 150w
    • Veg Coverage - 2.5x2.5 ft
    • Flower Coverage - 2x2 ft

    The overwhelming choice for most growers applying in grow tent, small room, cabinet & closet, and plant shelves.

    10% OFF - CA

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  2. Regular Price: US$209.99

    Special Price US$204.99

    【Package Include】1xTS 1000 led grow light, 1xhanger kits, 1x2.3'x2.3' indoor grow tent.

    【Save More】Save 3% more bought as a combo! Save up to 16%!

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  3. Mars Hydro 27''x27''x63'' Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent - 2.3'x2.3'(70x70x160cm)
    SKU: MH-70X70X160

    Mars Hydro 27''X27''X63'' indoor grow tent applies 1680D Oxford cloth together with heavy-duty zippers to stop light leakage, capable of maintaining 1-3 plants within a variety of empty spaces in the house, for example, closets, cabinets, balconies ... typically used as a separate nursery for seedling and veg room.

     10% OFF - UK
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  4. Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED Grow Light + 2.3'x2.3' Indoor Complete Tent Kits
    SKU: TS-1000-SET

    Regular Price: US$349.99

    Special Price US$306.99

    【Package Include】TS 1000 led grow light(150w), hanger kits, 2.3'x2.3' grow tent, 4" inline duct fan, 4" carbon filter, 33'' length flex ducting, humidity thermometer, timer, 4pcs 5-gallon grow bags, duct clamps.

    20% OFF - UK, RU
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  5. US$149.99

    Refreshing Your Grow Room: Mars Hydro inline fan and filter kits are designed to quietly ventilate indoor grow rooms/tents, to transfer heating/cooling air in and out, and eliminate odors.

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  6. US$109.99

    Enjoy peak ventilation experience with Mars Hydro Inline Fan & Carbon Filter Combo

    • Package Include: 4"inline duct fan with speed controller, 4" carbon filter, 33ft length flex ducting,3 Duct Clamps

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  7. US$69.99

    Mars Hydro inline fans are designed to ventilate hydroponic grow rooms, exhaust odors, and transfer heating/cooling air in terms of planting needs.

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  8. MARS HYDRO 4 Inch Inline Duct Fan with Thermostat Controller
    SKU: Mars-4Inlinefan-CP

    Mars Hydro 4'' Inline Fan uses a mixed-flow design to maintain peak performance in a high static pressure environment.

    [Digital Controller Version]

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8 Item(s)