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  1. Mars Hydro; Mars Pro II; Pro II 320; led grow lights; indoor growing; full spectrum

    Mars Pro II Epistar 320 Best LED Grow Light - Mars Hydro

    25 Review(s)

    • Actual Power: 620w+/-5%@100--277V

    • Coverage:Veg:4.5’x4.5’(135x135cm); Bloom:4’x4’(120x120cm)

    • Compared to HPS/MH/HID:800w

    • Average Yields: 1g/w

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    Regular Price: US$663.99

    Special Price US$615.99

  2. Mars Hydro; led grow lights; indoor growing; SP 250; FULL SPECTRUM; QUANTUM BOARD

    Mars SP 250 Best Indoor Led Grow Light - Mars Hydro

    15 Review(s)

    • Actual Power: 245W+/-5%@100--277V

    • Coverage: Veg:3’x5’(90x150cm); Bloom:2’x4’(60x120cm)

    • Average Yields: 1.8g/W

    • Compared to HPS/MH/HID: 400w

    • PPE:2.35--2.57umol/J

    • SP 200 is previous name of SP 250, if you get the SP 200, the sticker info is incorrect, please contact us for the updated info.

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  3. Mars Hydro; Mars Pro II; Pro II 256; cree; led grow lights; indoor growing; full spectrum

    Mars Pro II Cree 256 Best Led Grow Light - Mars Hydro

    20 Review(s)

    • Actual Power: 570w+/-5%@100--277V

    • Coverage: Veg:4.5’x4.5’(135x135cm); Bloom:4’x4’(120x120cm)

    • Compared to HPS/MH/HID:700w

    • Average Yields: 1.2g/w

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    Regular Price: US$884.99

    Special Price US$768.99

  4. Mars Hydro; Mars II 1600; led grow lights; indoor growing; full spectrum

    Mars II 1600 Full Spectrum Grow Led Light - Mars Hydro

    22 Review(s)

    • Actual Power: 600W+/-5%@100--277V

    • Coverage: Veg: 5x5(150x150cm); Bloom:4.5x4.5(135x135cm)

    • Compared to HPS/MH/HID: 800W

    • Average Yields: 1g/W

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    Regular Price: US$579.99

    Special Price US$475.99

  5. mars hydro; led grow light; indoor growing; reflector 192; full spectrum

    Mars Reflector 192 1000w Led Grow Light - Mars Hydro

    31 Review(s)

    • Actual Power:350W+/-5%@100--277V

    • Coverage:Veg:4.5’x4.5’(135x135cm); Bloom:4’x4’(120x120cm)

    • Compared to HPS/MH/HID:450W

    • Average Yields: 1g/W

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    Regular Price: US$302.99

    Special Price US$272.99

  6. MARS HYDRO; 1680D; 4x8 tent; 120x240; grow tents; indoor growing; waterproof; high quality; no light leak;

    Indoor Grow Tent 96''X48''X80''- (240x120x200cm) - Mars Hydro

    11 Review(s)

    - Dimensions: 48'' x 96'' x 80'' (120 x 240 x 200cm)
    - Weight: 58.5lbs (26.5kg)
    - Canvas Density: 1680D
    - Pole Diameter: D19mm.xT0.8mm

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6 Item(s)