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Mars Hydro SP 250 Feedback

- Over 700pcs  leds on the light, very evenly light but great penetration. 
- PPE is above 2.5umol/j, real wattage is 230w, but can replace 500w HPS without any problem. Saving much more power! 
- Coverage is 3'x6' for veg and 2'x4' for flowering. No exaggeration!
- Full sunlike spectrum, not only for veg, but also great for flowering.
- ETL, CE, Rohs certificated, and over 90% Components are UL listed. Safty Ensured! 
We update the feedback pictures now and then, if you have great feedback pictures, please feel free to share with us. 

Mars Hydro TS 1000 Feedback

- Total 342pcs new SMD chips on the boards, very even light. 
- Average PPE above 2.3umol/j. Real wattage is 150w, can replace 300w HPS without  any problem. Saving more  energy.
- Reflector design, helping with bigger  coverage and higher PPFD output within the coverage area. 
- Coverage 3'x3' for veg and 2.5'x2.5' for flowering. 
- Full sunlike spectrum, not only good for veg, and also great for flowering. 
- ETL, CE, ROHS listed, over 90% components are UL listed, safety ensured. 
We update the feedback pictures now and then, if you have any great growing feedback pictures to share, please feel free to send to us.