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Mars Hydro Smart FC-E1000W CO2 PLUS Scalable 1000W LED Grow Light

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Quick Overview
  • Market-Leading Efficiency – Boasting a market-leading status, the FC-E1000W LED Grow Light built for high PPFD cultivation (such as highly-concentrated CO2 grows) is our most powerful grow light to date with a whopping PPF of 2,766 umol/s and an average PPFD of over 1,800 μmol/m²/s. It also offers scalable flexibility, with 10 light bars that can be configured for 4×4 or 4×6 grow spaces to be used as 4×4 enhanced bloom grow lights, or as specific grow stand lights for 6-ft-wide rolling tables. The possibilities are endless for commercial grows!
  • Versatile and Uniform Lighting – Tailored for personal and commercial use, it offers UNIFORM LIGHTING through removable bars, catering to plant growing stages. The dimmable feature supports easy dimming and daisy – chaining up to 20 lights.
  • Premium Features for Optimal Performance – With IP65 Waterproofing, master light control, and superior HEAT DISSIPATION, this grow light excels in both commercial and home horticulture.
  • Efficient Heat Management – The detachable power supply, remotely mounted for effective temperature control, and the Aluminum heatsink with slim profile bars reduce heat, cutting electricity bills by 50% compared to HID lights.
  • Comprehensive Spectrum for Maximum Growth – Designed for soil and grow tent setups, the grow light provides a FULL SPECTRUM UV IR GROW LIGHT experience with a Yield Max spectrum. Backed by a trusted 5-year warranty, it ensures a 100% Satisfactory Solution.
mars hydro fc-e1000w most cost-effective led grow light
mars hydro fc-e1000w led grow light with uniform ppfd at different distance
mars hydro fc-e1000w led grow light with remote control
mars hydro fc-e1000w led grow light pre-configured smart programming
mars hydro fc-e1000w led grow light timmer setting
mars hydro smart growing system with fc-e1000w led grow light
mars hydro fc-e1000w led grow light performance comparison with other LEDs
mars hydro fc-e1000w led grow light with CO2 commercial application
mars hydro fc-e1000w led grow light using tips for 4x4 coverage
mars hydro fc-e1000w led grow light using tips for 4x6 coverage
mars hydro fc-e1000w led grow light with extra uv ir ur45 bar
mars hydro fc-e1000w led grow light with discreet package
More Information
WATTAGE900W±5%@120V; 1000W±5%@240V
Core Coverage4'x4'
Max Coverage5'x5'
Chip BrandBridgeLux
Max Yield3.0g/W
Amps8.311A@AC120V 3.933A@AC240V 3.294A@AC277V
CertificateETL,CE,UKCA,RoHS, DLC,IP65
Dimension‎67.2"L x 45.31"W x 3.74"H
Diy Product TypeLED_GROW_LIGHT
Diy Tent Parent SkuMH-150X300X200
Build Led Ppe2.8μmol/j
Build Led ModelFC-E 1000W
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The number of FCE1000W leds is: 3298PCS
Verify that the Time Zone is set correctly. For more information, refer to the "Time Zone Problem" section. Once the device is connected to the app, it is recommended to avoid manual operations, as manual operations (adc mode) will override the app commands (cmd mode). If the setting command fails to be delivered successfully, it is advised to reconfigure and deliver the command (configured settings) once again.

Upgraded Installation Method

Featuring BridgeLux chips and a special chip arrangement that allows a more even distribution and efficiency of 2.8 µmol/j, FC-E1000W can take care of every plant well and grow the best results.

Remote Control and OTA Data Transfer

The movable light bar can be used to freely adjust the light density at different points within the effective coverage area, maximizing light utilization and creating an even crop. At the same time, it is easy to install, store and replace.

High Intensity 1000W LED Grow Light

Featuring US-based high-quality BridgeLux diodes and a special diode layout that allows a more even distribution, the FC-E1000W promises an efficiency of up to 2.8 µmol/j, over 1,000 μmol/m²/s PPFD in its transformed form and up to 2,000 μmol/m²/s PPFD in its general form. This is a super powerful 1000W grow light for both specialized and professional indoor growing, promoting more productive cultivation for a variety of plants.

Scalable Flexibility & Customization

The FC-E1000W is a little different from the other FC-E LEDs because of its scalable flexibility, which allows for customization and configuration. Generally, 10 light bars are arranged on 2 support bars to provide superior high energy to a 4x4 ft area. On other occasions, there are 2 extended bars (1.8' long) that are able to connect to support bars to stretch the lighting coverage to 4x6 ft while still providing exceptional PPFD.

Versatile Commercial Grow Lights

The FC-E1000W features a broad spectrum of light that is rich in the PAR range for full-cycle plant growth, a dimming box to make it easy to adjust the lighting level and match the Daily Light Integral, and a daisy-chain function to help manage 30 lights in a series. Commercial growers could enjoy the benefits of controlled lighting and convenient operation throughout the year.

Safety Certified By Worldwide Institutions

The FC-E 1000W LED grow light has been UL-listed and CE-certified, proving it's safety-assured. The input voltage is 100-277V AC, compatible with most horticultural applications. Also, a five-year limited warranty is promised with this grow light to offer a worry-free user experience.

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