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FC Series LED Grow Lights

The FC Series LED grow lighting solutions feature horticulture-optimized Samsung LM301B chips with a uniform layout and full spectrum lighting to provide equal and high PPFD across the canopy and energy-efficient performance, producing indoor plants of uniform and consistent quality for grow rooms and vertical farms to achieve year-round bountiful harvests.

Uniform PPFD
Efficient Samsung Chips
Fast Heat Dissipation
Daisy Chain Dimming Feature


we’re here to all your questions

Some questions about led grow lights & FC series you may want to know.

I have the old FC, can connect the new smart FC lights to use?

Yes, you can use the connection wire to connect two lights, then control the smart light(main light) on phone

What's the diodes FC use?

FC use Samsung chips which are known for the high energy efficiency, converting a significant portion of electricity into usable light for plant growth. Also Samsung chips are capable of producing high-intensity light, which ensures that plants receive the light they need for optimal growth and yield.

What's the size and weight of package?

FC3000: 71*68*12cm, 11.58kg
FC4800:90*65*14cm, 16.38kg
FC6500: 117*79*14cm, 25.88kg
FC8000: 119*32*25cm, 19.04kg
FC1000W:119*34*23cm, 18.61kg

Does the FC lights have IR and UV?

FC series led grow lights don’t have UV & IR. You can add Mars Hydro Adlite UV IR lights to your growing

WiFi won't work?

Follow these steps to check and refine the WiFi connection:

1.Ensure that the WiFi account and password are entered correctly.
2.Remove any special characters, spaces, or symbols (e.g. #, $, %, &, *) from the WiFi name or password.
3.Note that the device does not support 5G WiFi. If you are using a 5G network, switch to a 2.4G WiFi network.
4.If the previous attempts fail, you can try resetting the device.[Turn the dimmer button 3-5 times, LED flashes to indicate a successful reset]. After resetting, reconnect the device to your WiFi.
5.If all the previous attempts fail, try connecting using a mobile hotspot. Please note that the device does not support 5G hotspots. If you can successfully connect using a mobile hotspot, it indicates that the brand/model of your router (WiFi) may not be compatible with this device.

Note:During the initial WiFi connection, the app will automatically initiate a mandatory upgrade for your device, which typically takes 2-3 minutes. Once the upgrade is complete, you can connect your device to the WiFi network.

Can you give height and dimmer recommendations for all growth phases growing without CO2?

Recommend for FC3000/FC4800/FC6500

Height: 8''
Seedling: 50%
Vegetation: 75%
Flowering: 100%

Recommend for FC8000/FC1000W

Height: 12''
Seedling: 25%
Vegetation: 75%
Flowering: 100%

Is FC6500 good for flowering?

Yes, FC6500 is with Samsung chip, full spectrum with much red spectrum, good for flower and all growth stages