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Mars Hydro Hydroline12 LED Hydroponic Growing System For Seedling and Clone

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Quick Overview
  • Overall Wattage: 24W
  • Plant Capacity: 12 pods
  • Tank Capacity: 6L

Mars Hydro Hydroline12 is a home hydroponic garden kit and cloning machine. It has a full-spectrum LED grow light to provide lighting energy for seedlings and vegetables; a powerful water pump to keep nutrients filled with oxygen; and 12 domes that serve as mini greenhouses for initial seedlings.

With 2 growth modes (vegetable/flower), 4 timing options, and 5 luminosity settings, growers are free to configure the environment for germination and root cutting.


Table Hydroponic Growth System: Soilless cultivation keeps your home as clean as new, 20% faster growth than Soil Planting, providing a completely different experience from soil cultivation.

Well-mixed Oxygen & Nutrients: A built-in water pump thoroughly mixes the nutrient solution with oxygen in the time cycle “30 min on,30 min off” to promote root absorption and growth.

Large Capacity: The independent 6L water tank can hold sufficient nutrient solution for 15 days of continuous plant use, freeing you from the hassle of frequent replacement. 12 pods give you the choice to grow 12 different organic plants at once.

Adjustable Light Post: Designed with the durable anti-oxidized adjustable post, the distance between the LED grow light and plants can be freely adjusted within a range of 11’’-19.5’’.

Vegetable/Flower Modes And 5 Dimming Settings: 106 LED diodes support 2 growth modes - adding blue spectrum in vegetable mode to promote leaf growth and stretch, enhancing red spectrum in flower mode to expedite bud and fruit formation. 5 dimming settings in both modes - 10%/25%/50%/75%/100%, to get more precise control over the whole growth period.

Auto Timing Schedules: Featuring 4 different timing schedules, Mars Hydro hydroline12 hydroponic light will automatically turn off after 4/8/12/16 hours, and restart the next day with the same light schedule you set.

Power-off Memory Function: After a sudden power failure and the power restored, Mars Hydro hydroponic light will continue to work in the same growth mode, dimming setting, timing schedule as pre-setted.

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PPF43.5umol/S@AC120V 43umol/S@AC240V 42.9umol/S@AC277V
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