Mars Hydro iHub Smart Power Strip Compatible Version

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Use the black dimming cable to connect the light to the iHub [USB_DIM port and #3outlet], and make it able to dim on the APP.

Compatible with Mars Hydro LED grow lights that have a back switch on the dimmer box.

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Maximum Power Output1200W
Voltage110-130V AC
Outlet Number6
Wire Length2.6m
0% of 100
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The iHub's package includes a cable to the dimmer box for the lights and a USB probe for temperature and humidity.
The app can run on multiple devices at once, you just need to connect them individually.
The smart power strip can be set time, and it can connect to bluetooth and wifi. For more information about the ihub power strip, please check the video linked below:
Follow these steps to establish a Bluetooth connection: 1.Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone/tablet and that you are within a 10-meter range of the product to avoid weak signal issues. 2.Try resetting the device and reconnecting it. Refer to this guide for instructions: [] 3.Attempt to connect using another electronic device (smartphone/tablet). 4.If your phone's Bluetooth can detect the device but the app scanning feature cannot find it, check if your mobile device supports the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) protocol. Only Bluetooth devices that support BLE can successfully scan and connect. 5.If the issue persists or if you are unsure about your phone/tablet's BLE support, please send the model of your device, the APP registration email (user ID), and a complete screen recording of the Bluetooth connection process to Mars Hydro for verification and... Read more