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May 2017

Mars Hydro Grow Tent: Removable Floor Tray

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Removable Floor Tray

Mars Hydro Grow Tent installed a removable reflective waterproof floor tray with nylon belts. After you set up your grow tent, putting the tray on the floor of the grow tent, and tie the belts on the poles to fix the tray. This floor tray is easy for you to clean the floor and takes the hassle out of indoor gardening. Ensuring give your plants a clean and enclosed environment for them flourish. Except that, the removable floor tray helps reduce the friction between the grow pots and the grow tent floor, slow down the wear of the floor

Mars Hydro Grow Tent:Double Duct Port Enclosures

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Double Duct Port Enclosures

Ventilation system is very important for a grow room, such as: Remove Excess Heat, Control Humidity, Prevent Pests and Diseases,etc. If the ventilation system didn’t work well, it will leads to light leak, that will be a nightmare for a

grower. So making the duck port light-tight is very important.

Mars-hydro grow tent use double duct port enclosures and the reflective interior lining, in addition, we adopted the light-leak protection design.

The duck port use two layers of reflection material which will reflect maximum light back to the plants.

Mars Hydro Grow Tent with Double Stitches

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Mars Hydro Grow Tent with Double Stitches

Seam damage or tears around a zipper can be the result of pulling too hard. To avoid tearing of the zipper’s seams, Mars-hydro double stitch our grow tent seams for added strength. It’s one of the important feature that helps distinguish a quality tent.

On each joint Mars Hydro Grow tent are double sewing, double stitches can keep the fabric from unraveling to prevent the light leakage and make the tent more durable.

Mars Hydro Grow Tent Zippers:Reinforced zipper bottom stop

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Mars Hydro Grow Tent Zippers:Reinforced zipper bottom stop

Have you ever encountered if you use to much strength the slider will be pulled out? That’s very annoyed right?

In order to avoid that, Mars Hydro Grow tent use the two way close-end zipper, and have double protection zipper clothing at the top stop and bottom stop to prevent the slider sliding out the sides zipper chain. It also helps to extend the lifespan of the zippers.

Mars Hydro Grow Tent:zipper seam light leak protection

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Mars-hydro Grow tent zipper seam light leak protection:

Have you ever noticed that it is very easy that the light will leak from the zipper?
In order to avoid that, Mars Hydro grow tent using the wide double-deck inside the zipper to prevent light leak. We add extra flap above the seam of the inner zipper seam, which will block the light leak from inside of the tent.You can put one your finger on the flap while you are zipping up the door, it will avoid the flap stuck inside the zipper head and make sure the flap in it’s place

Mars Hydro Cup3 Winners

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Best Grow Journal: DeVille on 420 Magazine

Best Picture: pavecannabis on Instagram

Best Video: Cannibus the Flowerpimp on Youtube

Mars Hydro Cup Prizes:

4 Mars Pro II epistar 80

4 grow bar 24 LED

1 grow tent 120x120x200cm

1 pair of LED grow light glasses

1 pair of yoyo hangers

Mars Pro II Epistar 80 with U-connector function

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We published Mars Pro II Epistar 80 LED Grow Light based on Mars Pro II series lights,with flexible U-connector to connect multiple lights together.

With this U-connector,you can install the lights according to your growing space:

when you need to enlarge your growing room,you do not need to worry about which light you should get.You can buy another 2 or 3 pcs Mars Pro II Epistar80 and connect them together as one light:square coverage ? rectangle coverage? You can install according to your growing space.Also you can hang them seperately in your growing room,they will cover every corner niecly.