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July 2017

Zinc Deficiency

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Zinc is responsible for enzyme function and chlorophyll in the plants.

Zinc affects the strength of all parts of the plant such as the stems, branches, stalks and leaves.

Signs of Zinc Deficiency

Yellowing between the veins, in new and young leaves

New Leafs are small and thin and appear twisted

New leaf growth is pale yellow-green

Stems fail to grow and stretch leaving minute leafs

The tips of leaves appear burnt

MAGNESIUM (MG) Deficiency

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Magnesium is a mobile element,Magnesium deficiency usually starts in the middle of the plant and spreads to the younger leaves. Leaves turning yellow, or even white, with the veins remaining dark green is the best indicator of Mag deficiency.

Magnesium can be easily absorbed by plants when the PH range of is 5.0-7.0 ,also other factors may reduce or lock-out the mag uptake, such as a permanent humidity, low temperatures, or acid and cold substrates.


As Calcium,magnesium deficiency usually appear together,so usually get Cal-Mag supplement

First adjust the PH level:In soil, magnesium is best absorbed by the roots in the 6.0 - 7.0

Calcium Deficiency

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Calcium is important for the plant's growth,it helps provide structure to the plant,especially under LED growing.

Signs of Calcium Deficiency

Upper leaf issues show spotting first

Lower leaves curl and twist

Yellow, brown spots appear on leaf and tips

Stunted growth

Train your plants part 1:Bending & Securing Parts of the Plant

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Train your plants part 1:Bending & Securing Parts of the Plant

Low stress Training(LST) Bend tall stems down and away from the middle of the plant as it grows so the plant takes on a more flat and wide shape. You should start this when the plant is still a seedling,because the young stems will be flexible.

Supercropping- If your plants too tall and difficult to bend,this will be your choice."Soften up" the stem first before bending it at an extreme angle. Supercropping can be very helpful towards wrangling an out-of-control plant, and it has a few other benefits too because it can stress the plant in a "good" way


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Pros and Cons of different grow light

Light is very important for every plants, someone would like to use HPS, someone would like the natural sun light or led grow lights, so what the difference?

Pros of HPS Grow Lights

  1. HPS are the most efficient type of grow light
  2. HPS grow lights are the most efficient and the best for the flowering stage.

Mars Hydro Plant Picture Competition

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Now we are looking for tester to test our New COB, but it is always not easy for us to find out right tester in that most of you are good testers. So we decided to launch the competition to find the right one.


1. You should only use our Mars II, reflector, or Mars Pro II series lights. And in the photos, you should make sure the light can be seen.

2. Only plants allowed for submission. No dried flowers or single bud shots.

3. The competition will open from 4th to 14th , voting will run from 15th to 22nd in July