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Mars Hydro Cup 5

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Are you ready for FIFTH Mars Hydro Cup?

1. Upload your video on YouTube;

2. Send the link to our email;

3. The videos which get the most points will be the winner;

4. Winners will get our NEW MARS SP series and grow tent as PRIZES

Mars Hydro 2019 Spring holiday notice

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Mars Hydro 2019 Spring holiday notice.

Did You Buy Real 1000w Led Grow Light?

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Many suppliers sell 1000w led grow lights recently. It shows many growers are asking for 1000W led. But when you buy 1000W led, did you consider if your plants really need the leds with that high power? Is it real 1000w LED from the wall? If not, how can we judge how many watt lights is suitable for your plants and how to judge the truth of so called 1000W led on Ebay, Amazon...?

10 Reasons Why Choose Mars Hydro Grow Tents.

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10 reasons why we need to choose Mars Hydro grow tents.

Why SP series is the perfect substitute for HPS

By TINA TINA 1 month ago 930 Views No comments

The SP series has the following characteristics:

1. The spectrum is advantageous to the plant growth, protects the eye;

2. Save at least 30% power than HPS;

3. IP65 waterproof level;

4. Easy to layout and place according to the area planed;

5. It eliminatesall kinds of assembly problems.

Black Friday Sales - Are You Ready?

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With Mars Hydro recommendation, do you have any idea that which item you may shop during Black Friday? Share and leave your comment here!

How to Install Grow Tent Properly

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How to set up mars hydro grow tent properly and let the new waffle pattern cloth help increasing your light efficiency.

Grow your own or buy from government?

By TINA Chou 4 months ago 1688 Views 1 comment

Canadian legalization comes with positive and negative returns.

Grow Legal Canada!

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For all Canadian growers, within this month, from the legalize date 17th Oct. to the end of this month 31st, Oct. We will give 10% discount for all the items except for Mars ECO, yoyo hangers, glasses; And the coupon code would be LegalCA.

Multiple Ways to Increase Your Yields

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Multiple Ways to Increase your Yields

Useful article collected by marshydro official

As we all know, almost all indoor cannabis growers want bigger yields for less money, time and effort. So from this article collected on the MARS-HYDRO website you will get to know how to increase potency & quality of home-grown buds, as well as how to produce buds with a better taste & smell, We viewed many article that focus specifically on how to increase your indoor cannabis yields.