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Difference Between Mars TS and Mars Reflector Led Grow Light

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In this article, we will give you some detailed clarification on the difference between Mars TS quantum board led grow light and the Mars Reflector led grow light.

​Mars Hydro SP & TS Quantum Board Series. What is the Difference?

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In this article, we will show you the main difference between Mars TS and Mars SP series. Click for more details.

TS-2000 meet the needs of different customers

By Joy Qiao 4 months ago 3181 Views No comments

TS-2000 can meet the needs of different customers

What a ideal lamp for your Summer days growing!

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What light is suitable for Summer growing? Here you can get the idea.

Happy International Labor Day

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Happy International Labor Day

Mars Hydro Australia sale

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Mars Hydro Australia sale:10% discount for New Mars II series, Reflector series, ECO series and Grow tent.

Is green a must for Cannabis?

By CATHY 5 months ago 2207 Views No comments

When we use grow light to instead sunshine, should we copy the sun light and make it the same as sun light? Green light sometimes used as a tool for eliciting specific plant responses like photomorphogenic growth. If it is must for plants?

Why 420 is called the weed day?

By Kevin 5 months ago 3694 Views No comments

What is 4.20 and how it becomes a stoners' day?
What Mars Hydro 's promition is to celebrate this big day?