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​Mars Hydro FC series and FC-E series - what’s the difference?

By Mars Hydro Hazel 2 days ago 122 Views No comments

FC series and FC-E series. What's the differences? How do I pick the most suitable one for myself?

Does Ultraviolet and Infrared Light Matter When Growing Cannabis?

By Mars Hydro Hazel, THC Confidential 9 days ago 4701 Views No comments

How can UV and IR be used to bring benefits to my plants' growth? What is the role of UV and IR in cannabis growth? What are the principles? Let's learn together in this blog.

Mars Hydro FAQ Section 1 - Frequantly Asked Questions on How to use Led Grow Lights

By Hazel Hazel 1 month ago 5526 Views No comments

In this blog, we're going to answer these questions: 1)How to install/set up an inline fan and carbon filter? 2)How to cool the grow tent? 3)How to clean my Mars Hydro led grow lights? 4)How to use a dimmer box? 5)How to dim Mars Hydro LED grow lights?

How to choose the best led grow lights? - 12 years LED manufacturers tell you the truth

By Hazel, THCconfidential 2 months ago 8914 Views No comments

Multi-bar style LED grow light is becoming the new grow trend. Do you know what are the most essential parts that determine the quality of such LED grow lights? In this blog, we'll use our 12 years of experience in manufacturing LED commercial grow lights to introduce the tricks of choosing such lights.

Heat sink: An Essential Detail that Determines the Quality of LED Grow Lights

By Hazel Hazel 2 months ago 2863 Views No comments

With LED grow light market developing rapidly, various grow lights came out with similar shapes and functions. Well, there is an essential detail to determine whether an LED grow light is good or bad - heat dissipation performance. As newly-designed LED grow lights don’t have active heat dissipation components, it's very important to have a good passive cooling heat sink.

Why FC-E series are not Samsung chips?

By Hazel 3 months ago 4722 Views No comments

Mars Hydro SP series and FC series use Samsung chips which are well-received. So it's shocking to know that Mars Hydro stops using Samsung chips in their new featured product - FC-E series grow lights. Wanna know why?

A New Arrivial in 2021- FC-E led grow lights Release and Giveaway!

By Hazel 4 months ago 17353 Views 400 comments

In 2020, we have released FC series; and now in 2021, we’re releasing FC-E series as our new product this year. These new series have a similar name to FC series, but of course, there are differences. Will they perform well as FC series do? Let's see!

How To Choose Commercial LED Grow Light

By EMMIE 4 months ago 4797 Views No comments

Do you want to know how to choose the best LED grow light for your commercial-scale horticulture?

Grow Tips To Know When Using Led Grow Lights

By JOY 5 months ago 17795 Views 11 comments

Do you want to know the little knowledge about the use of LED grow light?

Best Commercial LED Grow Light - Mars Hydro SP 6500 Giveaway

By Hazel 8 months ago 45931 Views 1341 comments

Mars Hydro now released a new SP family member - SP6500. It aimed at the best commercial grow light, so let's check it out what SP6500 can do.