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10 Reasons Why Choose Mars Hydro Grow Tents.

10 Reasons Why Choose Mars Hydro Grow Tents.
By Tina Chou 3 years ago 13419 Views No comments

Last time, we have introduced that we have upgraded our grow tents cloth material into diamond pattern.

Most of other suppliers still use the lichee pattern. This time, we will tell you guys some other advantages of our grow tent.

The grow tents in market almost have the same construction and components. But the materials each company use is a little different. These materials would be used for making a grow tent.

Heavy duty 210D, 600D or 1680D oxford cloth, adaptor corners, poles and zippers, etc.

Here are some other differences between ours and others.

1: Adaptor corner: We use metal adaptor corner but some of suppliers still use plastic corners. Metal corner is more solid and connect the poles better. Plastic corners would break easily and cannot connect parts well.

2: Lighting moving hangers. Other suppliers only have two hangers. We have four move hangers.

3: snap button. We have sticker that can connect the poles with corners strongly. While the poles can drop out from plastic corners easily.

4:we use double stitching, which can connect the cloth with cover well. So there will be no light leak and the tent will be more solid. While others use single stitching. This kind of tent wold break easily when you set up.

5:Vent. We use double oxford clothes and contraction buckles. Others use simple fabric and there is no contraction buckles. That would cause light leak.

6: Easy-View window. Others only use velcro and don’t hem the window well. It will break easily when you put the window up and down. We hem the window twice and it could extend the lifespan.

7:Zipper. Others’ zipper cannot be protected well. it might stuck or be damaged when you pull it hard. We use better quality zipper and it is protected very well. It is a bad experience when you use the tent for a few weeks but the zipper break easily.

8: Reinforced corner. It can strengthen the cloth corner and avoid the easy damage.

9: Removable floor tray:

10: Totally no light leak.

So these are the advantages of our grow tents. If you have checked this information, why you still want to buy another tent? The most important thing is that we have declined the price a lot. So you can get the most cost-effective grow tent there.

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