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A New Arrivial in 2021- FC-E led grow lights Release and Giveaway!

A New Arrivial in 2021- FC-E led grow lights Release and Giveaway!
By Hazel 5 days ago 2306 Views 77 comments

In 2020, we have released FC series; and now in 2021, we’re releasing FC-E series as our new product this year. These new series have a similar name to FC series, but of course, there are differences. Will they perform well as FC series do?













Leds quantity








PAR Value




PPFD Efficiency












Input Voltage












Life time
















Spectrum Includes




We know that the following points play a decisive role in determining whether an LED grow light is a good light - wattage, heat dissipation function, PAR(or PPFD), spectrum, components’ quality. Let's see how do FC-E series perform in these areas.

1. Wattage and heat dissipation function

FC-E series has 3 lights - FC-E3000, FC-E4800, FC-E6500, which are designed into 3 different wattages - 300w, 480w, 650w, to meet different requirements in the growing project, whether you grow small or grow big.

Bigger watts, more heat. That’s common to see in electrical appliances. The key in a grow light is dissipating heat. FC-E series are assembled with separate light bars and each light bar has a special heat dissipation design - a wave-shaped aluminum heat sink. The light bar design along with a wave-shaped heat sink will make your light bright as sun while cold as the moon.


PAR and PPFD is the most important factor in a LED grow light. PAR, as we all know, is the light that plants absorb and use. PPFD measures the amount of PAR from the grow light to your plant. FC-E series has the PPFD at 2.7umol/j, which is a pretty high PPFD level among all the grow lights at the price range in 3x3 ft (FC-E3000), 4x4 ft (FC-E4800), 5x5 ft (FC-E6500) coverage. So in the PPFD part, FC-E series are very reliable and cost-efficient.

3. Spectrum

The design of the spectrum involves the core technology of LED lights. All of our technicians are constantly researching, testing, and improving new spectra to provide growers with more efficient LED lights and grow better.

White light(2800-3000k,4800-5000k) contains all the spectrum for plant grow. But that’s not enough. Because plants prefer some specific waves - like red(660-665nm), which will help plants grow and bloom; like Ultraviolet(UV,380-410nm), which is shown to make plants grow larger, longer, and denser leaves; like Infrared(IR,730-740nm), which is thought to help plants bloom larger and have more specific outputs.

We add these spectra when designing this FC-E series, to make more effective and useful LED grow lights.

P.S FC-E3000 and FC-E4800 have UV & IR light; only FC-E6500 does not have UV and IR light.

4. Quality of components and warranty

All our light components have passed ETL - ETL tests parts and components of a wide range of products to make sure that they are in line with standards. This certification has well proved the quality of our components to be safe, legal, and efficient. We also offer a 5-year warranty for our lights. Growers would never worry about the quality issues.


You may have this question after we introduce FC-E series’ specifications: “Your new series sounds pretty good, but it’s similar to your FC series, which one should I choose?” We’re here to help you with your decisions. Below are their differences.

  • Light design and installation

FC-E series look the same shape as FC series, but they do have different design. Detachable light bars are not only easy to repair and maintain but also convenient for growers to DIY their own illumination needs by moving the light bar. Of course, this option is challenging. For most customers, the best choice is to use our recommended light bar positions. We’ve adjusted the light bar interval to make the light can cover the whole space evenly.

  • LEDs arrangement

As far as we know, the best lighting PPFD value for plant growth is 500-900 umol. We adjusted the LEDs arrangement according to this point, so that the par value of light is more uniform. Even in the edge, the plant can also absorb enough photons needed to get a more uniform crop.

  • LEDs

Except for LEDs arrangement, FC-E series also changed LED itself. FC-E series will no longer use Samsung and Osram chips. At this point, some might say: “Isn't this a downgrade?” No, totally not. The LED chip is from our new partner in the USA called BridgeLux and our design team customized it with new tech. To make sense: A single Samsung chip intensity is 220lm/w, while this new American chip is 230lm/w.

Differences conclusion in one picture:

Different people have different preferences. The decision right is always in customers’ hands.

All in all, welcome to try the new series. We’re sure they will not disappoint you!


As usual, at the end of this blog, we will have a giveaway!


-Prize: 1 piece of FC-E4800

-Participation: Leave a comment under this blog

-Winner selection: Randomly pick up a winner from the comments

-Deadline: May.5th

*What winner needs to do: Share your grow journal with FC-E4800 on social media

(Pls confirm that your email address is active so that we can announce you in time if you are the winner)

Good luck to everybody!

Thanks for supporting Mars Hydro.

Piotr Kozlowski 5 days ago at 8:09 AM
When I see your inventions, I'm impressed. I'm a user/owner of two of your products. After I replaced all my light sources with MarsHydro LED panels, it's easier to manage the temperature inside the tent. Lower power consumption is an additional feature.
I noticed yesterday evening, a brilliant idea - Tent 2 in 1 (to be honest 3 in 1), I need one, but unfortunately, the EU storage magazine is empty.
Thanks for all.
Steven 5 days ago at 8:50 AM
Detachable light bars sound amazing.
oswaldo solis 4 days ago at 12:16 AM
I'm def interested in the products your company sells and would love to participate in the social media experiment for testing you product and placing it on social media. I currently have a few test going with some seed suppliers and I have a few other competitors to do a side by side. Best of luck read great reviews of your products.
Alex Matthews 4 days ago at 12:33 AM
Have just come across this awesome invention! I had no idea this sort of thing was available to the everyday user, and now I want one! xD
D Murrell 4 days ago at 2:09 AM
I have the TSW 2000 at the moment and I love it
Bills 4 days ago at 2:34 AM
Sounds really dope
Jaybird 17 4 days ago at 3:06 AM
I would love to all this light to my tent
Chris 4 days ago at 3:29 AM
Absolutely love Mars Hydro lights! They are super affordable with great results.
Hopefully, the next series will use OSRAM Hyper Red 660nm Gen3 LED chips.
Jacko g 4 days ago at 3:33 AM
Keep up the good work mars hydro very professional led lighting at a reasonable price keep safe and have a great day
Jerome Harrison 4 days ago at 3:35 AM
Mars hydro running the game I run two ts 2000 now and love them mars hydro for life for me with the led and these new lights look the best word love to try one of these I my 5x5
The Mugwamp 4 days ago at 3:36 AM
I love Mars Hydro lights. Always well built, good prices and excellent customer service, so I would be honoured to test the new FC-E4800 for you and journal the grow, thanks for the opportunity Mars Hydro
John Young 4 days ago at 4:11 AM
I love my Mars Hydro and this would be an excellent addition to my grow
FrostyLeaf 4 days ago at 4:55 AM
Hopefully the LED arrangement will help with the drop off
Don C. 4 days ago at 5:30 AM
Thank you for the update between the two fixtures.
Terry big plants 4 days ago at 6:08 AM
Random comment :
Jeff 4 days ago at 7:00 AM
Love my Ts1000.. would love an FcE unit.
Crystal Garden 4 days ago at 7:18 AM
Looking great. Would definitely use the FC series, Mars hydro is doing good things .
Christopher Shortway 4 days ago at 8:08 AM
Seems like it should do well.
TONY 4 days ago at 8:12 AM
Feel's like top notch light has arrived, can't wait to test
J. Scott 4 days ago at 9:05 AM
Always impressed. Nice upgrade from the Mars Hydro I’m using now.
Daunte 4 days ago at 9:50 AM
Beautiful New lights!! Always improving and raising the bar for the competition! Well done MARS HYDRO!!!
Cannabisdjw 4 days ago at 10:59 AM
Look like a great light, UV too. I can imagine this putting out some serious harvest's
Ron 3 days ago at 7:12 PM
I would love to try out the new FCE 4800 and compare it to the FC3000.
The changes seem good. new diodes, lower prices, adjustable / replace bars, uv...
Sign me up.
Rick Johnson 3 days ago at 8:51 PM
Ok. So first off, big shout out to Mars. The FC series is nothing but amazing. My first time was a blurple style of lighting and got away from from that as soon as possible. I then bought (4) 1000 watt Mars Hydro TS series light. I immediately fell in love. As things expanded, I needed more lights. At this time the FC series dropped. A little more expensive but the return definitely makes up for it. My plants loved it. The lighting is brighter than the TS models and really shows the plants and they respond very well to them. No regrets at all. I wouldn't recommend anything else other than these. I have not tried the FCE series but do intend to in the very near future. I just purchased the FC 4800 and of course it works amazing. Mars Hydro has a customer for life. P.S.
....Do you guys have any other sticker designs? The ones you got are cool but just curious.
Sean 3 days ago at 9:46 PM
I have always been a fan of the Mars hydro led light from the purple/ blue leds all the way to the fc 3000 that I currently have at the moment and I love the light i only had one issue with this light and that was not being able to move the bars to make a more even light spread in my 3x3 and now with the fc-e lights I can I will be preordering one of these now and run a side by side and post for others can make a more informative decision on the 2 thank Mars keep up the good work
Chris 3 days ago at 12:02 AM
I currently have to Mars hydro lights and the plants love it , looking forward to upgrading to the new fc e series soon ,best light's around for the money
Zack 3 days ago at 2:03 AM
Just bought the tsl 2000 due to the design love it great light. Now I’m going to have to get FC-E due to a better design way more options for the grow room will be able to use more space due to the adjustment on this light. Thank you Mars Hydro for leading the led world great job A+
Barry Hercules 3 days ago at 2:52 AM
amazing product!!
Bruce Coetzee 3 days ago at 5:52 AM
Im always impressed by the Mars grow lights.Im a medical grower and would love to vonduct a grow with the one of the new units!They arr amazing!Hope i get the chanve to do tis!Good luck everyone!
Dan Damico 3 days ago at 6:09 AM
Looks like an amazing light. Currently using as TS1000 and absolutely love it.
JSH1973 3 days ago at 6:13 AM
Nice one again Mars Hydro, thanks for the chance to win :-)
Scott 3 days ago at 6:17 AM
Be happy to get and test one of these. I would however still lile the specs on the modela using the meanwell drivers. From what I can see they are the elgc series. Most of that series does not provide full wattage on a standard us plug. So which version of the driver did you use?
Wild Bill 3 days ago at 6:22 AM
A cheaper price with more flexibility should make this series of lights a very viable option and should grow canna quite well!
@old.manfinkey 3 days ago at 6:22 AM
Anything that promises high output and cool temperatures and delivers is something worth considering. Like the open concept, for cooling and the ability to install the driver remotely ( outside of tent ), spectrum looks great as well.
Jawiah Jane 3 days ago at 6:24 AM
I loved to try the FC-E4800.I have ts1000 and ts600 in my tent and they love it so I can only imagine how they'd react with some more greatness.Well I guess I'll start clearing some room for that beast. Haha✌
Simon Hares 3 days ago at 6:25 AM
Would light up my life to get such an amazing light. Love the rest of my products from you guys. When are you going to make the connect to a smart app for smart applications would be a good thing to do like the (MyLumii ) but with your better lights !!!
Jj James 3 days ago at 6:29 AM
Thanks for this amazing opportunity
Morgan Hopkin 3 days ago at 6:39 AM
Have always been impressed with my ts series lights, it’s like having control of the sun. Would love the chance to step my game up and see what these lights can do
Dave m 3 days ago at 6:40 AM
Would love to try this light out. Would make an awesome b-day gift.
Joe McIntyre 3 days ago at 6:40 AM
Would certainly be an upgrade from the tsw2000 I am currently ruining.
Matthew Crandall 3 days ago at 6:50 AM
Got the tsl2000 sitting in a closet waiting for the tent to show up. Can’t wait.
Winton Porter 3 days ago at 6:55 AM
This looks like an awesome new LED! I want to try these out some day hopefully!
Dan Thompson 3 days ago at 6:59 AM
Awesome lights....grow lights have really come a long way and these giveaways are great! Thank you and I'll share this in "Global Cannabis Education" right here on facebook so more people can get in on this!
MasterMZM420 3 days ago at 7:00 AM
Absolutely awesome..Thank you for making great, affordable product & thanks for the opportunity Mars Hydro.I would love to try one and review it on my YouTube channel.
Roger Locke 3 days ago at 7:02 AM
Those lights look amazing... And with my brand new tsw2000, not working, hopefully these are better.. i really need a light of some sort.. i mean come on mars, i have paid for it.. im still waiting for some kind of response
Matúš Slaténi 3 days ago at 7:03 AM
Sounds good
Tom Kleinfelter 3 days ago at 7:05 AM
This would literally change my life ❤
Best of luck to everyone!
Brian Wall 3 days ago at 7:09 AM
Awesome giveaway! Thanks eh.
Rob Arsenault 3 days ago at 7:13 AM
Would love to try one out
Wayne Sloggett 3 days ago at 7:26 AM
Would love to win this as I wouldnt be able to afford it
Max Valentine 3 days ago at 7:45 AM
That's pretty sweet
Gemma P 3 days ago at 7:48 AM
I'm having GREAT results under the TSW2000 so I could only dream of what I could achieve under one of these!!
Jim Fields 3 days ago at 7:58 AM
Looks awesome Tech is coming so far!!!
Chris coulon 3 days ago at 8:01 AM
Bobby thacker 3 days ago at 9:45 AM
I been looking at this light I really need it for my 4x4. Running sp 250s now
CozyTree 3 days ago at 10:13 AM
The fc 4800 sound like a real upgrade over the last version
Davene a Bennett 3 days ago at 10:18 AM
This would be a great upgrade to my setup. Pleaseeeee
Jerry Doyle 3 days ago at 10:42 AM
Would love try your light be glad give you review
Sean Williams 3 days ago at 11:42 AM
This looks like a great light. I have a TSW2000 in my veg shed and it works great. I have a youtube channel "enlighten servicing" and recently did a mars hydro grow journal. I'm working on setting up a "clean room" 4x4 indoor flower area and would love to feature this light as the light source for it. love your products, keep up the good work.
Tommy Lee Case 3 days ago at 11:46 AM
I am the proud owner of 1 Mars Hydro tsw1000, 2 tsw 2000 and 1 fc3000. I'm starting my 5th grow and so far I love what Mars Hydro has done for me. Who ever wins is lucky and I will be happy for them but I'm not gonna lie and say I wouldn't be more happy if it was me. Good luck everyone and thanks again Mars Hydro for all your nice lights keeping all our plants growing everyday!
Devin Baxter 3 days ago at 12:10 PM
I'm extremely excited to see what this light is capable of! I have your sp3000, 3 ts1000's and 3 600's and they are all fantastic lights. I would love to try this in my new mars hydro 4x4 and see what it can do! Thank you, mars-hydro for all your terrific products and amazing support. Happy Growing!
John Cooper 3 days ago at 12:24 PM
Looks awsome would love to put this puppy to work
Scott Stoinski 3 days ago at 1:42 PM
Best lights ever!
Chris Sanchez 3 days ago at 2:21 PM
Awesome!! New light. I currently have two TS1000 would like to review the FC-E4800.
Joshua Singh 3 days ago at 3:19 PM
Love to upgrade my light!
Josh 3 days ago at 3:29 PM
Being a newbi expected to kill everything off from the get go, but that never happened just dumb af frosty flowers from a newb let alone about twice the weight if not more per plant compared to others on social meadia ( couldn’t help but laugh at the surprise. So I gave up and ordered my second fc 6500 to flower under along with my other fc 6500 and I have my tsw 3000 vegging now. Curious how the fce handles. Thank you for quality product!!
Tim Page 3 days ago at 4:06 PM
Fingers crossed.
Useing the SP3000 now and it's a fantastic light
Michael Rowell 3 days ago at 4:39 PM
This is so awesome!
Gamepunk 3 days ago at 5:12 PM
If I win this, then I think it might be a sign to start growing.
Jean francois 3 days ago at 5:32 PM
I would love win one to putt in my tent with my other hydro mars light
Mick 3 days ago at 6:00 PM
Would like to see how this compares to my tsw3000
Winton Porter 3 days ago at 6:11 PM
I just got 2 SP 3000's and luv them but hope to get these in the future, they look great too!
Justin Timmerman 3 days ago at 6:55 PM
Love my tsl2000s I'd be stoked to try this light
Orion Cummins 2 days ago at 7:14 PM
I want to be a first time grower. This could be a good help me
Matt 2 days ago at 10:24 PM
Steffen N 2 days ago at 11:17 PM
Würde sich super in meinem Zelt machen :)

Greetings from germany
Abraham 2 days ago at 11:26 PM