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6 Reasons to Use a Grow Tent for Indoor Growing

6 Reasons to Use a Grow Tent for Indoor Growing
By Hazel Stella 1 month ago 12716 Views 182 comments

If you're deciding to grow your very own cannabis plants, you're going to need to choose where to grow them. Many growers end up choosing to grow indoors to grow the best possible cannabis year-round.

Moreover, most indoor growers use an indoor grow tent to create a separate ecosystem for their garden. Using a grow tent can give your cannabis plants the best yield and make the growing process much easier and smoother.

Continue reading below to find why a grow tent is essential for home growers.

Individual Space

One of the main reasons growers use grow tents is to create an independent space for their garden. Most of the time, growers don't have enough space in the house to accommodate an entire room for their growing operation.

A grow tent, depending on the size, can fit just about anywhere. A small grow tent can fit in a closet, or a large grow tent can take up a good portion of a room.

On top of that, most of the growing equipment can be kept inside the grow tent. Lights, fans, and filters can all be contained within the grow tent.

That means there are no light leaks to the outside, and everything is within the grow tent—making it easy to manage.

Privacy and Security

One of the essential features of grow tents is privacy.

Having everything sealed off inside a grow tent will prevent nosy neighbors and potential thieves from seeing your grow room. On top of that, you can keep any pets, children, or guests from seeing or interacting with your garden.

Perpetual Growing Season

The best part about growing inside is that your garden is no longer limited by the weather and natural disasters. When growing outdoors, most growers are limited to only one grow per season.

With an indoor grow tent, you're able to have as many grows as you can handle. No more worrying about frost or extreme heat—all the variables can be controlled indoors.

Even more exciting is that you're no longer at the mercy of pests. Although pests are still a threat indoors, the chances are much lower than outdoors. So long as you keep your grow environment clean and take the necessary precautions, dealing with pests can be a thing of the past.

The Ultimate Growing Environment

The most important feature of a grow tent is having the ultimate growing environment. Inside your grow tent, you can control the humidity, temperature, light intensity, CO2 levels, and much more.

Growing indoors without a grow tent means that you'll need to cool down or humidify an entire room. But with an indoor grow tent, the environment inside can be easily manipulated, independent of the space around it.

Maximize PAR

With a grow tent, you can improve your light utilization and maximize the amount of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) your plants receive. On every square inch of the inside of an indoor grow tent is a reflective liner.

That reflective liner makes sure that every lumen is reflected to your plants and not a single photon is wasted.

Easy to Use

Anyone can use an indoor grow tent because of how easy they are to use. They're easy to set up, disassemble, move, and reuse.

Setting up a grow tent requires no tools, cabling, or construction skills. And when you decide to expand your growing area, the grow tent can either be easily stocked or can be used for mother plant growing.

Grow Tent Maintenance Tips

Keeping a grow tent at its maximum potential is easy, but there are a few things you'll want to avoid.

  1. Make sure that you don't spill any nutrient solution or “potions” in the grow tent.
  2. Avoid setting up your grow tent in an overly humid environment.
  3. Avoid using disinfectants to clean your grow tent, and it's best if you stick to a regular dry cleaning cloth.

Get the Best Indoor Grow Tent

If you're ready to get the maximum yield from your cannabis plants, then you'll want the best indoor grow tent. When searching for a grow tent, you'll want to look for one made of high-quality construction materials, has many features, is reliable, and is from a known brand.

Luckily, you don't have to search too hard because the best indoor grow tents are made by Mars Hydro, coming in a wide range of sizes and optimal quality.


At the end of this blog, we’re having a giveaway. Details pls see below.

  • Prize: 1 piece of 100x100x180 cm (3.3'x3.3'x5.9') grow tent
  • Participation: Leave a comment under this blog
  • Winner selection: Randomly pick up a winner from the comments
  • Deadline: 30th August
  • What winner needs to do: Share your grow journal with Mars Hydro Grow Tent on social media

(Pls confirm that your email address is active so that we can announce you in time if you are the winner)

Good luck to everybody!

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Okie Grown on winning the giveaway! Since the giveaway starts and to its ends, we received 186 comments - from NO.2300 to NO.2485. By google random number generator, here comes out our winner:

Congratulations again! And pls kindly check your email box, pls contact us to pick up your prize!

Hope everyone will be blessed not only for giveaways but also throughout life.

Rich 1 month ago at 10:49 PM
Thanks for another great giveaway Mars hydro. Would love the chance to test out the 3x3, it would be a perfect tent for auto’s.
Jimmy Rawlings 1 month ago at 7:01 AM
Would love to have a mother room or auto room.
ROMain Cros 1 month ago at 11:13 PM
#marshydro vous êtes les meilleurs !!!
Matt huish 1 month ago at 12:26 AM
Great give away marshydro. I’d love this 3x3 my baby’s have outgrown 2x2 with ts600. My next purchase is goin to b 3x3 with a ts1000
Danny 1 month ago at 12:42 AM
Mars Hydro is awesome, I have the ts1000 and my plants love it. I was thinking of getting another tent and light so I can have a perpetual grow. If I win I'll definitely be buying a ts 2000.
Harrison Copp 1 month ago at 1:02 AM
I use a 2x2 grow tent and my plants love if
Junior 1 month ago at 1:13 AM
I hope to have the chance to try your products and show everyone that you don't need hps to release great products
Cody Thurman 1 month ago at 1:41 AM
Mars Hydro thank you for the giveaway. I really do believe in Mars Hydro as a company everything I have from Mars has been perfect for my cannabis
Brian Baca 1 month ago at 1:45 AM
Would love to grow tomatoes and peppers inside!
John Faulkner 1 month ago at 2:00 AM
Wonderful products could use another tent,
Alex Brown 1 month ago at 2:04 AM
Ive been growing with mars hydro leds for 2 years now. I don't think I'm going with something else. Now I need a place to put 4 ts1000s. Please pick me for the give away.
Caroline 1 month ago at 2:20 AM
Great tent! It keeps everything clean in the house. Also it’s great for odor control! I Come in my room and smell nothing! I hope to get this free tent giveaway!
Don plant 1 month ago at 2:20 AM
Absolutely love my 4x4 tent from Mars the material of the tent is fantastic and very well put together highly recommend getting a tent from Mars
T Brian 1 month ago at 2:31 AM
Good Quality Gear!
Tyler G 1 month ago at 2:41 AM
Love the giveaway! Your products are top notch!
David Wheeler 1 month ago at 2:43 AM
Would love the opportunity to enter please
Would love to do a small run of autos this would be perfect and will definitely share the grow from seed to harvest
Thomas McQueen 1 month ago at 2:51 AM
Would love to have a nice set up like this, thanks for the opportunity mars hydro.
Patrick 1 month ago at 2:52 AM
Started out with a 2x2 grow tent from Mars Hydro after being a strictly outdoor grower. Been indoor only for just about 3 years now. Being able to control your environment helps your product. Still have the 2x2 tent for clones and has held up perfectly, seems like I bought it yesterday. My main tent is now a 5x5 (plus 2 3x3) and only led I will purchase has to be from Mars Hydro. Excellent customer service if needed. Would recommend this company to anyone!
Ivan Soboleosky 1 month ago at 2:52 AM
Thanks Mars hydro for always the best products for growers !!!
Scott Berri 1 month ago at 3:03 AM
I'd love to win one of your quality grow tents.
Ted Farmer 1 month ago at 3:08 AM
Great opportunity, I have a 27”x27” short tent by MarsHydro, and it’s my favourite of all three of my tents. Hopeful to get a new larger one
Zack 1 month ago at 3:12 AM
Yeah I love my mars hydro 3x3 grow tent,run with 2 ts100
Tyler Kimmel 1 month ago at 3:20 AM
I've used Mars Hydro lights for a few years. Great products and great customer service.
Ozzy Latin 666 1 month ago at 3:25 AM
Wow awesome
Virgil Shaffer 1 month ago at 3:26 AM
Thanks for the information on growing indoors would be awesome to win a set up to get growing thanks for chance to win and good luck everyone
Rollenblunts 1 month ago at 3:26 AM
Sweet giveaway mars only tent I'll ever be buying
Perry Williams 1 month ago at 3:36 AM
I would love to have a 3x3 tent. Thank you!
Joe Quinnell 1 month ago at 3:39 AM
Love your product I actually run every light you produce in my garden
Malte Olsen 1 month ago at 3:49 AM
I love this giveaway i got a 4x4 tent and can use another one for my autos
M Powers 1 month ago at 3:51 AM
Love my 5x5 and would use this as my veg tent and give you some really great diaries with my fce6500
Joseph Crigger 1 month ago at 3:52 AM
It would be a nice tent to use
Eric Alfström 1 month ago at 3:55 AM
My Mars Hydro LED lamp is 3 years old now and still going strong. Best deal ever. I would love to try out the tent.
Peace and love
Darryl theiben 1 month ago at 3:57 AM
well you never know here I am... I don't win ever, yet here I am... I do use Mars tent and a few light... good for me for three years now...
Stephen Bryanton 1 month ago at 4:01 AM
Is this where I enter never pick me anyway agree to all terms will poster worthy for you
Levi, RN 1 month ago at 4:02 AM
I have been using Mars Hydro lights since 2011 or 2012. I have the original white framed, 300watt full spectrum light and two Blurple grow lights all still running great. I used them all again this year without any problems with a new Mars Hydro tent and all new accessories. A 3x3' tent would fit wonderfully by my other tent. I grow hot peppers and the more room to grow, the more tasty little exotic hots I can make all throughout the year. Fingers crossed, I'm excited. I can't wait to buy a new light, I really want the FC 3000 as my peppers are almost finished fruiting and would be overjoyed to be able to start my new seedlings in the other tent to maintain year round growing! Thank you MarsHydro, you make the best, and no one else comes close.
Mel Mel 1 month ago at 4:02 AM
mars hydro tents are really nice to have for indoor growing and are fairly priced ours is doing its magic and there led lights work great thank you Mars hydro is the way to go if your looking for good lights
JB 1 month ago at 4:11 AM
It's always a pleasure doing business with Mars-hydro.
JB 1 month ago at 4:15 AM
Amazing y’all keep offering these giveaways! Can’t wait to showcase y’all’s gear on IG. @f8ed2
Adam read 1 month ago at 4:17 AM
Hi guys truly amazing prize and very honoured to able to enter. Good luck to everyone..onwards and upwards from the uk ✌
Eli jones 1 month ago at 4:22 AM
Love mars hydro grows! Can't wait to upgrade to one of the setups!
Diana 1 month ago at 4:25 AM
My Mars Hydro TS600 made a remarkable difference to my outdoor starts. Great product at a surprisingly low price. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway, would love to try it.
Samael 1 month ago at 4:31 AM
I would like to win, but I also wish it to all my cannabis friends ✌️
Mike 1 month ago at 4:33 AM
Would love to give this a try.
Sean McHale 1 month ago at 4:43 AM
Never used y'alls lights or products but hopefully this will let me try then out
Anita Winter 1 month ago at 4:44 AM
I live in Illinois and have a medical license and currently I have a 4x4 tent which holds 3 plants. This would the perfect size for 2 plants, as I can have 5
Tim 1 month ago at 4:46 AM
We have several Marz lights for our nursery and we love em. Would be great to try out a grow tent. ;-)
Doc 1 month ago at 4:53 AM
Really need one...Good quality!!!
JPhilippe Goydadin 1 month ago at 5:00 AM
That’s a bunch of good reasons to use a grow tent indeed! Thanks for the giveaway!
Isaiah Williams 1 month ago at 5:01 AM
I purchased my first Mars hydro led light about 10 years ago off eBay and I’ve been using it ever since, now while I’m still a beginner grower your product has really stood the test of time. I just would like to be able to test more products of yours and hopefully get a win under my belt.
Derek S 1 month ago at 5:04 AM
Thanks mars I love your LED lights. They outperform the other lights I've used and come at a great value! Would highly recommend
Jon Fritz 1 month ago at 5:09 AM
There rebs are as good as there lights definitely recommend
Sarai 1 month ago at 5:11 AM
I bought your SP 250, 2'x4' and tried to grow in a closet, no tent. I lined the walls with aluminum and put a fan in but never can get the humidity just right. I’m saving to buy a tent and fully expect to yield better results once I own one. I love my grow light and I aim to keep building upon a perfect environment.
Bmax 1 month ago at 5:17 AM
Would be awesome to win a setup like this!
Brandin 1 month ago at 5:20 AM
Another great Mars Hydro giveaway. Been crushing it in my makeshift 2x3 with a ts1000. A real tent with a little more space and proper design would likely help take it to the next level. Good luck all!
JUNIOR 1 month ago at 5:23 AM
I want ALL MARS HYDRO everything!!!!
Tents Lights everything Mars hydro slaps and thats a fact.
Keep up the good work guys and gals at Mars.
Love you guys
Kevin clavey 1 month ago at 5:39 AM
Thank you Mars Hydro, i love my 3×3 tent and my TS600. I couldn't be happier with your products, keep up the great job. Good luck to everyone.
Bart Hertogs 1 month ago at 5:50 AM
Hey guys, what a sublime giveaway! I’ve used your ts 600 lamps to grow my veggies and all my other plants ! I’m in love with them… keep up the good work and would be great to win…
Anthony Hudson 1 month ago at 5:53 AM
Love my Marshydro lights. Would love to try out one of your tents.
Wild Bill 1 month ago at 5:54 AM
Great tents!
Kieran Francis 1 month ago at 6:02 AM
Thanks Mars Hydro for the opportunity, I use your 2 x 2 model!
Jamie McClendon 1 month ago at 6:06 AM
Thanks for this opportunity. I could always use another tent for my clones. Currently they are in a bathroom :)
Pete 1 month ago at 6:07 AM
Hope to win
Perfect tent btw
Vin leombruno 1 month ago at 6:09 AM
I have had a lot of luck with Mars hydro. The sp-150 has been great for clones or seedlings. There competitively priced and customer service is good. Thanks for the opportunity Mars hydro.
Gordon H Wilder 1 month ago at 6:20 AM
My son built a room in the basement to grow some plants. He has a MH small light and they weren’t bad for a first grow .
Would love a free tent so I can afford to improve my lighting.
Wayne Sloggett 1 month ago at 6:20 AM
Really could use this!
Gary Hunter 1 month ago at 6:21 AM
nice grow tent.....
Columbus 1 month ago at 6:26 AM
Love our 4' x 4', Would use this for a Veg tent!
Kevin Mack 1 month ago at 6:35 AM
Thanks, Mars-Hydro for an awesome giveaway and for making great tents
Miguel Lopez 1 month ago at 6:50 AM
I’m a first time grower and Mars Hydro had the best price to quality ratio for grow kits, I’ll be sure to remain a loyal customer !
Ninja 420 1 month ago at 6:54 AM
Nice tent giveaway, would love to win this !!!
Dennis M Day 1 month ago at 6:56 AM
I have M-hydro p3000 lite, excellent, quality product.Highly recommend the products.
Ronnie Astor jr 1 month ago at 7:08 AM
Could use this nice ...
Ragni mirco 1 month ago at 7:18 AM
Thanks MarsHydro for opportunity.
This tend Is perfect for my TS 1000 buy 1 week ago
Marc 1 month ago at 7:25 AM
I live my FC3000 and would love to add another tent to my grow.
Marc 1 month ago at 7:26 AM
*love haha
Hector montes 1 month ago at 7:38 AM
Best tent out !!
Shane M 1 month ago at 7:41 AM
Many thanks for the premium products and the great prices. You guys always get a recommendation from me.
Abiyah Mcdaniel 1 month ago at 7:45 AM
Loving mars products so far!!
Luis Guzman 1 month ago at 7:50 AM
Thanks Mars Hydro for having this amazing giveaway!!!
Hopefully I’ll get it … needed this giveaway!!! Best grow tent in the business
Terry Mayne 1 month ago at 7:50 AM
I love my tent for the environmental control, MarsHydro has strong, long lasting product lines. This tent would pair well with the TSL2000
mzmmaster420 1 month ago at 8:29 AM
Very efficient with diamond mylar inside, nice and sturdy frame, an equipment pouch and a detachable mesh view window..
Clux Clux Clan 710 1 month ago at 8:31 AM
100x100x180cm was one of the better tents I've owned,this tent is perfect. Plain n simple. Thanks for the awesome opportunity. HOPE I'm selected.
Dan Thompson 1 month ago at 8:32 AM
Thank you for this awesome opportunity! A grow tent would be awesome to win because I have limited space and privacy is a big concern
Scott Stoinski 1 month ago at 8:33 AM
Mars Hydro has the best quality grow tents out there! They are durable, easy to set up, giving you the perfect environment for whatever you choose to grow in them. Combined with a Mars Hydro light you will exceed your expectations and end up with great results that you would not be able to achieve using other brand name tents and lights. The prices are right and customer service is by far the best around, I will recommend Mars Hydro to all my friends and family for any growing needs. Thank you Mars Hydro for providing such exceptional products!!
Ronald Gildart 1 month ago at 8:34 AM
Mars Hydro grow tent very strong and sturdy. The zippers are very strong and never snag on me. This is my favorite tent I have purchased so far.
Joshua Fertig 1 month ago at 8:52 AM
I have 2 Mars hydro tents. A 2.3x2.3 and a 3x3. I like my rents just fine. The insides have great reflection, plenty of places to run power lines and such. The velcro on my observation window is shot after just 2 grows. That part could be a little better. I'd say I would by Mars Hydro tent again, but I already have 2.
Peter Larsen 1 month ago at 9:07 AM
I need another tent, I have a Mammoth tent now, but would like to try a Mars Hydro set up.
Randy Riley 1 month ago at 9:10 AM
I grow in a tent so it is easier to keep the area clean and organized. It’s also easier for me to control my environment. I have a Mars 2000 and loving it. Really looking at getting 2 of the 6500 for my 4x8.
BudsBanditUK 1 month ago at 9:33 AM
Mars hydro products are not just good for the money, they are good full stop. Would love a new tent to with my mars lights!
Chris martin 1 month ago at 9:53 AM
Please pick me I need this for my fce 3000
Roel valdez 1 month ago at 9:54 AM
Tent growing is the best thing I've done to become a better grower. No light leaks help produce the biggest fruits!
Sid bueno 1 month ago at 9:58 AM
Excellent product have a Mars hydro 4x4 tent TS 3000 / two TS 600 Lights .The best products for growers for beginners and pro recommend to everyone !!
Diego Santeroni 1 month ago at 10:30 AM
Coltivo con led Mars hydro da quasi 4 anni e non mi sono mai pentito della scelta sempre prodotti al top e rese straordinarie anche come servizio cliente sempre rapidi e pronti a consigliare......l unico prodotto che non ho mai provato di Mars hydro sono le grow box la 3x3 andrebbe benissimo per il mio ts 2000 :-)
Kevin Morton 1 month ago at 11:12 AM
I would love to be able to have a perpetual grow going on and this would get me there. I currently run 2 ts1000's in my 4x2 and I love your products. Would be nice to win this! Good luck to all!
Sharon 1 month ago at 11:39 AM
Great way to grow clones in 3x3 tents
Mick f 1 month ago at 11:55 AM
Mars tent would be great , give my Mars light a go in one of your tents instead of these cheap ones we have we have 3 ts3000 and 2 fc 6500 running air pots
Cody Hawkins 1 month ago at 12:28 PM
Hoping to be a winner
Nick pillon 1 month ago at 12:35 PM
Thanks for this opportunity!! I just want to say I love my mars Hydro light if I could afford more equipment I’d be buying it lol good luck luck too everyone!!!
Ray 1 month ago at 1:00 PM
Mars hydro, quality products for the home growers.
F Shaw 1 month ago at 1:05 PM
A 3x3 would be the perfect addition -- not too big, too!
James Mooney 1 month ago at 1:29 PM
I love Mars hydro good quality at good price would love to win this giveaway
Devon Langstaff 1 month ago at 1:36 PM
A great way to control the light and elements of a grow.
samuel therriault 1 month ago at 1:40 PM
Thanks you very much for the giveaway !!!
Michelle Beaudoin 1 month ago at 1:44 PM
Thanks you very much for this amazing giveaway !!
Sam Garrett 1 month ago at 1:59 PM
Would love to win a new tent for this new tsw2000 to go in plus I could try out something other then vivoson
Brian Lacey 1 month ago at 2:13 PM
Thanks for the opportunity!!! I wont use anything to grow my plants unless its mars, stands alone in my opinion..
Josh Anderson 1 month ago at 2:18 PM
Thanks Mars hydro your lights have saves me so much money. I can only imagine what they would do in one of your tents.
Chad Muckey 1 month ago at 3:08 PM
I would love to try using a grow tent!
Don 1 month ago at 4:03 PM
I am growing out of my Mars 2x2. This would be a welcome addition to my indoor garden.
Hazel 1 month ago at 5:49 PM
Good luck to everyone!
CJ 1 month ago at 6:07 PM
Thanks for the chance of a lifetime. I wish everyone the best of luck.
Mitch Fletcher 1 month ago at 6:52 PM
Thanks for this chance, love my Marshydro lights
Michael Kristensen 1 month ago at 9:32 PM
Fingers crossed
Matthew Hill 1 month ago at 10:17 PM
Mars hydro is awsome and would love to have a tent and post my grows
Miss Jane 1 month ago at 11:16 PM
Awesome giveaway
For_Z_OG_420 1 month ago at 11:19 PM
Wuuu great tent for the price.Works Fine. No problems so far with marshydro tent.Work as expected, no light leaks, openings where needed.
Kevin G 1 month ago at 3:19 AM
Love mars hydro great company keep up the good work the lights are amazing and hands down in my opinion has the best grow tents
Davy Murrell 1 month ago at 3:41 AM
I would love a new Mars Hydro Tent, I have the Mars Hydro TSW 2000 light and It would be a nice match for it
Yassir Nabil 1 month ago at 3:47 AM
Nice giveaway! Hopefully I win
Pierre 1 month ago at 4:59 AM
Holà, allé je tente ma chance ! Ça serait un plaisir de tester un produit mars hydro. Salut la team
Poulain Nicolas 1 month ago at 5:00 AM
Bonne chance à tous
ludo 1 month ago at 5:10 AM
I am very satisfied with my 3 sp 150 lamps, I keep my fingers crossed for the tent
Rick Sanchez 1 month ago at 5:49 AM
Great company only have bought ts600's but I'm telling you these are the best lights for you money. The giving away a tent is a bonus. Keep growing best of luck to every one.
Roger Moore 1 month ago at 5:53 AM
This is an awesome opportunity. The blog is very helpful. I am an inside gardener but never in a tent. This would be amazing. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.
AzGnome 1 month ago at 6:01 AM
Use a grow tent and get 4 harvest a year
Ian Salazar 1 month ago at 7:46 AM
My Mars Hydro SP-3000 is amazing! You would love to have a 3x3 tent for and auto run! Thank you Mars hydro!
Nizmokush 1 month ago at 11:21 AM
Awesome giveaway thanks again mars hydro. This will be perfect for the fc3000 I won on afn
Kenneth g gholson 1 month ago at 11:44 AM
I'm running Mars Hydro 4x4 tent with a TSW 2000 and aTs 3000 LED both with 6 auto plants in it with your 6" Inline exhaust an carbon filter with a 3' stack fan an the heat an humidity is hard to control at times. The TSW 2000 led belongs in a 3x3 tent. If I were to win it then I'd have to buy the 6" carbon filter and inline fan to complete my kit. I love all my MARS equipment, my Mars Hydro videos prove that. Thanks again
GreenThumbGonzo 1 month ago at 4:32 PM
I could always use a new tent. Sweet giveaway!
Brandon Jolin 29 days ago at 5:09 PM
Would love another tent, I’ve got two tents now both running mars hydro lights. Would love to test out one of your tents!
Damien 29 days ago at 7:44 PM
I love my marshydro tents & equipment. All great quality very happy with. A must for indoor growing. Love the velcro wall for 2nd room.
Anthony Sorace 29 days ago at 7:45 PM
Have the 2x4 tent for flowering and the 2x2 for veg, both from mars-hydro have been considering a 3rd tent and the 3x3 would be a welcome addition... I would also have no problem sharing my grow journal I began with the purchase of my first tent and LED light although I was previously growing with a 600 watt HPS without keeping a journal
Jillanna Wilson 29 days ago at 11:11 PM
Super excited about this as I unfortunately bought a competitor's tent and am sorely disappointed. I need me a Mars-hydro full set up. This would be the perfect excuse to spend all my coins. Lol
Mirco ragni 29 days ago at 11:54 PM
Nice tend
MarsHydro n. 1
JoJo 29 days ago at 2:19 AM
I whanttttttttttttt
Deadman-cw 29 days ago at 4:08 AM
I didn't had any stuff from mars hydro but i saw the quality of component everyday on cannaweed and that's seems incredible , lot of choice , great quality and results.. a good grower choice for sure !
Nelson 29 days ago at 4:47 AM
Merci pour cette opportunité ! J'ai déjà en ma possession une tente 70/70*160 mars hydro et une TS 1000 j'en suis très satisfait, mais j'en serai encore plus avec cette tente ! Bonne chance à tous.
Marcos Pomar 29 days ago at 5:05 AM
Fingers crossed
Shawn Smith 29 days ago at 5:40 AM
Thanks for the opportunity great equipment
Justin Greer 29 days ago at 6:13 AM
Appreciate the opportunity! This would be a perfect time to transition to indoor growing! Have active grow diaries and would be happy to share my journey!
Stefano 29 days ago at 8:49 AM
i was super satisfied with the ts2000 thanks marshydro
I will definitely buy from you again
Theede R 29 days ago at 9:14 AM
Got a mars 3×3 light and 6×6 tent would love to have another tent for a clone room
Carlos C 29 days ago at 12:03 PM
Mars hydro is for the growers w a budget
Shannon 29 days ago at 12:25 PM
Awesome as always!!
Timmy D 29 days ago at 12:32 PM
S/o Mars hydro..starting a vlog get wit me!
Pedro Cerrano 29 days ago at 2:29 PM
Best quality tents out there.
Bryce William Morgan 29 days ago at 4:36 PM
Couldn't afford one of these as well as the fan that would be considered ideal for a smaller grow. I would definitely put it to good use!
Jerry swift 28 days ago at 8:33 PM
That would be perfect for my needs
Steve Muraca 28 days ago at 1:56 AM
Ty vm for that great give away good luck e1
John Dion 28 days ago at 10:01 AM
Awesome giveaway Marshydro..!! Thanks for the opportunity
Courtney Love 69 28 days ago at 10:04 AM
Sweet giveaway! Hopefully I win Mars Hydro 100x100x180cm grow tent..
[email protected] 28 days ago at 1:01 PM
I want one!!
jns420 27 days ago at 6:16 PM
i had my tent and my fce for about a month and theu are doing amazing i was using my little closet and doing ok with my ts1000 and my ts2000 but it is doing waaaaay better now i really appreciate my lights and tent growing is one of my favorate things to do now and you can get enough equiptment and grow room i deffenitly reccomend and u can see my grow with them at thanks got some tunes and stuff u may like too
Rosie 27 days ago at 9:44 PM
I would love this tent and Totally make a youtube channel showing you guys off along with the free seeds i just won from FrostyPine. I'm in! Fingers crossed!
eya. 27 days ago at 7:00 AM
Mars hydro ,the best for the price
Okie Grown 27 days ago at 8:17 AM
I love the Mars Hydro tents! They offer superior light reflectivity and the ability to control the climate to sustain healthy and vigorous plant growth. When I’m done with the grow, I switch over to my Mars tent specifically for drying out the plants and achieving the best quality dry for my budget. This tent is quite a bit bigger than the one I currently use so it would likely be much more effective for my uses.
Jongio 27 days ago at 8:57 AM
Je participe avec joie, si je gagne je monte une ts 3000 dedans.
Merci mars hydro
Mkannon10 26 days ago at 10:05 AM
Mars Hydro is taking over the game! BEST LIGHTS & TENTS
Palaminverte 25 days ago at 7:20 AM
I also participate in the competition with pleasure !! I am currently growing under Mars Hydro TS1000 and just ordered an FC3000 lamp from Jimmy :) so much I appreciate the product! Easy to install, use, no noise, no heat, PPFD card available, etc ...
I am totally convinced of the best quality / price ratio of the brand. Excellent continuation to Mars Hydro !! Thanks to you for this opportunity!
Max 25 days ago at 8:06 AM
Beau p
roduit, ça ira bien dans ma tente !
maytibob 25 days ago at 8:47 AM
J'adore vos produits, la qualité et le prix!!!
Le y 25 days ago at 12:11 PM
J'ai lorgner plusieurs fois sur votre site sans jamais me décider, alors je tente ma chance au concours ça sera peut être l'occasion de testé,
Merci pour ce concours
LB2K 25 days ago at 12:12 PM
Jamais testé les produits marshydro mais je serai ravis la box a l'air très propre :)
++ et merci
Mr Zack 88 24 days ago at 9:09 PM
Thanks for the chance #marshydro. Awseome giveaway. Sweet.....
Lampard Croff 24 days ago at 2:19 PM
MarsHydro..!!! I love my Marshydro tents,that would be awesoem.!!
Edward Moses 23 days ago at 5:24 AM
Ive never grown my own flower. If be nice if I had this
Bill Stoner101 23 days ago at 11:41 AM
Awesome...Marshydro, 3x3 grow tent would love to win✌
Xavier Six 23 days ago at 11:54 AM
Wow sweet.Hope to win.Marshydro #salute
Ozzy Latin 22 days ago at 5:19 PM
I like the mars hydro brand.Got 2 Ts1000 & 3x3 tent. I love a tent that is easy to set up, sealed seams. I also look for sturdiness . Love the simplicity of your product.
Garden gromie 22 days ago at 7:28 PM
Please choose me!
Steve reece 21 days ago at 10:49 PM
The shout out Mars hydro for the good quality and affordable prices on their products I personally use and been using a ts600 LED light for the past 8 months now with great results.
Mzdey Mzdey 21 days ago at 10:54 PM
Been using Mars Hydro 3x3 grow tent for 3 years.Would love another one for a veg tent.Great product thanks for the chance.
Basil Memaloose 21 days ago at 12:40 AM
Heard great things about your tents on reddit!
Grant John 20 days ago at 4:53 AM
Love #marshydro.Thank you for the great opportunity
Julie Miller 20 days ago at 10:30 AM
Really lookin’ forward to this journey! Friends say great things about your tents!
Michael Meske 19 days ago at 10:14 AM
Glad I found Mars Hydro! My first quality LED purchase!
Mikael Andreas Söderberg 19 days ago at 1:21 PM
Would love a tent from you to grow in. I think my girl would fill that space to maximum.
Thecrookdog 19 days ago at 2:41 PM
Awesome comp mars hydro....... Hope someone who truly appreciates this tent wins it.......... Please don't choose me I already have a large tent.......... Good luck everyone
Mohawk Warrior 19 days ago at 3:08 PM
This would also be helpful.
Jacob Harrison 18 days ago at 1:24 AM
So is a 3x3 tent the best size to get ? I’m just putting 2-3 plants in it
WildBill 18 days ago at 4:21 AM
Would make a great seed making tent!
SG 5 days ago at 2:25 PM
Bought a MarsHydro on summer sales 2x2 tent. and realized that it is in the smallest size. the next gets bigger. Then I realized that it is good quality with good design