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June 2021

Mars Hydro FAQ Section 1 - Frequantly Asked Questions on How to use Led Grow Lights

By Hazel Hazel 3 months ago 10966 Views No comments

In this blog, we're going to answer these questions: 1)How to install/set up an inline fan and carbon filter? 2)How to cool the grow tent? 3)How to clean my Mars Hydro led grow lights? 4)How to use a dimmer box? 5)How to dim Mars Hydro LED grow lights?

How to choose the best led grow lights? - 12 years LED manufacturers tell you the truth

By Hazel, THCconfidential 3 months ago 11967 Views No comments

Multi-bar style LED grow light is becoming the new grow trend. Do you know what are the most essential parts that determine the quality of such LED grow lights? In this blog, we'll use our 12 years of experience in manufacturing LED commercial grow lights to introduce the tricks of choosing such lights.