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Black Friday Promotion--Mars Hydro Led Grow Light

Black Friday Promotion--Mars Hydro Led Grow Light
By CATHY CATHY 9 months ago 16849 Views 2 comments

Black Friday is coming. Firstly, we wanna say

thank you to our customers around the world.

This year, more states and countries are legal

to grow, more growers need leds and more and

more growers wanna replace HPS/MH with leds.

Some of our popular models such as SP250led,

TS3000led, MarsII1600, ProIICree128led,ProII160led

sold out quickly , so factory workers have to

verwork at weekend to avoid delay of shipment,

thanks for your support.

Now we have enough stock of different leds.

Black Friday Promotion details:

1) 28th -2ndth : 15% Off for all led

2) 28th .Nov.---1st., Dec: Combo sales:

If you are planning to buy more than 2 lights, you can choose the combo sales:

TS&SP series leds at the original price,but you can Choose 1 of the TS or SP light and 1

traditional Mars Blurple lights to help you save cost, up to 50% off

Below if the details of the combo sales:

MarsII900,cover3.5x3.5,USD150: save

up to USD156

MarsII1600,cover4x4: USD270, save

up to USD230

ProII320,cover4x4,:USD320, save

up to USD339

ProII256:cover4x4:save up to USD433

Reflector48led,cover 2’x2’: USD60,

save more than 30USD

MarsII400/ProII80/COB,cover 2.5x2.5:

USD100, save up to 110USD

Reflector96,cover2’x3’ :USD80,

save up to USD81


cover 2x4:USD150, save up to 286


cover 2x4:USD120, save up toUSD174

Tips: when you buy larger leds, it will

save you more cost.

3)30th .Nov.---2nd., Dec: buy lucky bag to get extra light

which worth USD100--USD800 randoml

What is more,

we will also hold some activities,

if you are interested, you can take part in.

Black Friday Giveaway:

From 21th--27th,We will

have Giveaway on Facebook group,

420magazine, TGL,Icmag, Overgrown,

THC farmer Instgram...

A free 10USD black Friday coupon will be sent

to everyone take part in as well. .welcome

to join in us to win free leds

Or you can also email info@mars-hydro.com to get 10USD additional coupon

Surprise: 28th .Nov.--2nd., we will hold another activity for buyers. If you can share your

order on the platform we hold the activity, you will also have chance to win a free order or

a free light. The platforms are: FB, INS, 420magazine,, TGL,Icmag, Overgrown,THC farmer Instgram...

If you have any new demands for leds or tents, it is best chance to save cost during our Black Friday

Promotion, please feel free to contact us info@mars-hydro.com

Alvin 9 months ago at 11:51 AM
I try to purchase sp250 but the price is still normal and no discount at all.

Hi Alvin, the Black Friday sales will begin from Nov 28. :)
Luiz Dasilva 5 months ago at 4:50 PM
Loving these lights