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Black Friday Sales - Are You Ready?

Black Friday Sales - Are You Ready?
By Tina Chou 1 years ago 13339 Views No comments

Did you remember what you bought last Black Friday Holiday? How much you have saved or have wasted?

If you buy something useful and it brings you happiness, convenience and helps you save cost, who would say No to Black Friday Shopping day. But if you buy something useless or you don’t like due to its bad quality or bad shopping experience, it might be a waste of money no matter how big discount you get.

Mars Hydro will lead you to save real cost in the right way during this Black Friday if you are looking to buy some indoor growing stuffs:

Firstly: ask yourself if you have any plan to grow cannabis, weed, vegetables? Are you happy with your present lights, any plan to upgrade your light or tent? Do you plan to expand your growing size or need some lights as supplement lighting? If any of your answers is yes, then it is time to look at Mars Hydro.

Without Mars Hydro customers’ support ,we can not be in this market for 10 years. And In order to express our thanks, we will give you a big discount for black Friday, and below is the Promotion details:

1) Promotion time: 22th--26th, Nov.

2) 10% discount (except ECO series led) code: BlackFriday

3) Order more than USD1000+ pay another USD5, you will get one free Mars 300 white led light

Items you dont want to miss out during Mars Hydro Black Friday Sales!

Mars Pro II series: Mars best led grow light series. You can see many reflective cups on the panel, each cup has 5pcs or 4pcs different colors’ 5w Cree or Taiwan made Epistar chips, which helps the light spectrum mixing well, and also ensured enough coverage. 90% of the components are UL listed, and the whole panel is ETL listed. It is a great light can help you grow big harvest with highest plants’ quality. If you are looking at this series but cannot afford it in normal times, then Black Friday is the best time to get it.

Mars II series: We have been selling this series led for many years. If you bought this series light 1 or 2 years ago, you will be very surprised to see the light you will receive this time. you will find the leds chips are different from before. It uses newly SMD technology, lights produce less heat and chips lifespan is much longer than before, no light burn problem anymore. We also added one reflector cycle on the new light, help a little on coverage.

Mars II

Mars Hydro Grow tents: We have upgraded the tent canvas Mylar from Lichee Pattern to diamond Pattern for a while. the light reflective rate of diamond pattern is much higher than Lichee pattern. As you can see, there are many small squares that looks like diamond. It can definitely strengthen the light reflective rate and makes your plants get more light to increase final yield. Also, other great factors like strong steel tubes, high quality zippers, and great design to avoid light leak, etc, are still there. And with many great advantages, you still get very reasonable price.

Accessories: Mars Hydro makes great accessories you don’t want to miss out as well.

Yoyo hangers: it can help you adjust distance of lights from plants. It can hold up to 150lbs stuff, without any problem. :)

Glasses: Still feel bad that the purple led grow light might hurt your eyes, and stop you from seeing your plants in nature way. Then a Mars Hydro led grow glasses is what you need. Keep your eyes from the strong lights including uv and help you check your plants more easily. Seeing your plants growing is no matter a headache under LED grow lights.

Smell proof bags: Jealous on Lucky Canada, legal growing and smoking all over the country? But taking your buds out will be no longer a problem if you use Mars Hydro anti-smell bags. Been proved that even the cop dog cannot smell it. But remember, it can be only workable for 3 months, so time to stock as many as possible!

With Mars Hydro recommendation, do you have any idea that which item you may shop during Black Friday? Share and leave your comment here!