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What a ideal lamp for your Summer days growing!

By SEAN SEAN 18 days ago 554 Views No comments

What light is suitable for Summer growing? Here you can get the idea.

Happy International Labor Day

By Joy Qiao 26 days ago 517 Views No comments

Happy International Labor Day

Mars Hydro Australia sale

By BRUCE 27 days ago 509 Views No comments

Mars Hydro Australia sale:10% discount for New Mars II series, Reflector series, ECO series and Grow tent.

Will You Choose TS-1000 To Substitute For Traditonal LED Or HPS

By TINA TINA 2 months ago 1499 Views No comments

When growers join the indoor growing army, they may get confused on which light to choose, LED or HPS? This month, we're bringing a new product, TS-1000, whose many advantages are destined to be the perfect replacement for both traditional LED & HPS. Our TS-1000 has the following advantages:

Mars Hydro Cup Half Way Summary

By Richard Fu 2 months ago 779 Views 1 comment

Does anyone know about our Mars Hydro Cup?

So far, the race is now halfway through, and we have about 20 participators. Everyone made and posted great video's. I even think everyone has the possibility of winning the prize.

Mars Hydro Cup 5

By Tina Chou 4 months ago 6029 Views 1 comment

Are you ready for FIFTH Mars Hydro Cup?

1. Upload your video on YouTube;

2. Send the link to our email;

3. The videos which get the most points will be the winner;

4. Winners will get our NEW MARS SP series and grow tent as PRIZES

Mars Hydro 2019 Spring holiday notice

By Tina Chou 4 months ago 957 Views No comments

Mars Hydro 2019 Spring holiday notice.