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Mars Hydro Plant Picture Competition

By Sara hu 2 years ago 1897 Views No comments

Now we are looking for tester to test our New COB, but it is always not easy for us to find out right tester in that most of you are good testers. So we decided to launch the competition to find the right one.


1. You should only use our Mars II, reflector, or Mars Pro II series lights. And in the photos, you should make sure the light can be seen.

2. Only plants allowed for submission. No dried flowers or single bud shots.

3. The competition will open from 4th to 14th , voting will run from 15th to 22nd in July

Mars Pro II series are the best LED light

By Sara hu 2 years ago 6432 Views 3 comments

Mars-hydro first published the Mars Pro series,it with the function : Monitors temperature and humidity Setting ,Operated by remote control

But after our customers tried the Mars Pro series,they give us feedback that they actually do not need remote control,dimmable functions,changeable spectrum function.It complicated to use the smart system.

Based on Mars Pro series we published the Mars Pro II series,we make it “plug and play” without the remote control.

Mars Pro II series(with switches) become the best light among our lights so far.

Mars Pro II series:flexible PCB board,easier to change by yourself

By Sara hu 2 years ago 1978 Views No comments

Mars Pro II series:flexible PCB board,easier to change by yourself

For LED lights,after sometimes the diodes will fade,or some other situation may happen which caused your light damage,you need to send your light to repair.Usually,it will take times to deliver to/from the repair service.But cannabis growing,plants are very sensitive to lights,they can not grow without lights for very long.

For Mars Pro II series lights,you do not need to worry

Mars Pro II series:None lens diodes,higher light intensity

By Sara hu 2 years ago 2296 Views No comments

Mars Pro II series:None lens diodes,higher light intensity

Mars Hydro Cup3 Winners

By Sara hu 2 years ago 2993 Views No comments

Best Grow Journal: DeVille on 420 Magazine

Best Picture: pavecannabis on Instagram

Best Video: Cannibus the Flowerpimp on Youtube

Mars Hydro Cup Prizes:

4 Mars Pro II epistar 80

4 grow bar 24 LED

1 grow tent 120x120x200cm

1 pair of LED grow light glasses

1 pair of yoyo hangers

Mars Pro II Epistar 80 with U-connector function

By Sara hu 2 years ago 2542 Views No comments

We published Mars Pro II Epistar 80 LED Grow Light based on Mars Pro II series lights,with flexible U-connector to connect multiple lights together.

With this U-connector,you can install the lights according to your growing space:

when you need to enlarge your growing room,you do not need to worry about which light you should get.You can buy another 2 or 3 pcs Mars Pro II Epistar80 and connect them together as one light:square coverage ? rectangle coverage? You can install according to your growing space.Also you can hang them seperately in your growing room,they will cover every corner niecly.

Choose your 420 Mars-hydro Gift

By Sara hu 2 years ago 1939 Views No comments

Dear customers,

The big day 420 is coming,Mars-hydro will celebrate with you guys together.Purchase Mars-hydro products: Mars Pro II series,Mars II seris,Reflector series,Grow tent,you can get a chance to choose gift from the following 3 items as gift:Mars-hydro T-shirt,Mars-hdyro LED grow light,YOYO hanger.

As the gifts quantity is limited,one customer only choose gift once,multiple orders with same customer information,we will regard as one.

After you place your order,please contact with solutions@mars-hydro.com with your order number to choose your gift,we wi


By Sara hu 2 years ago 1378 Views No comments

Dear All Mars Hydro Customers, Chinese Lunar year holiday is coming soon, and the whole country will have a long holiday time. But this will not delay your shipment, we have enough stock products in our warehouses, USA, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia.After you place order, we will do as before, ship out within 24hours and give you tracking number within 72 hours. So please feel free to place order on our website. we will be out of office, but we will reply you messages very fast too . Happy New year everybody, enjoy with us :)

_____Mars Hydro Team

Merry Christmas

By Sara hu 2 years ago 2366 Views No comments

Dear All Customers ,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Best Wishes from Mars Hydro Team.

Enjoy holidays. We will keep working and provide you best service as we did before.

2017, we are coming .

----------Mars Hydro Team

Mars Hydro Cup3

By Sara hu 2 years ago 11727 Views No comments

Mars Hydro Cup 3

Winner Category :

1, Best Grow journal :

Journal from start to end, record every grow step is very important to win .

2,Best grow result:

whoes grow get the highest gram per watt, who can win this category. Grow journal is necessary, only grow result post will not be choose by judge.

3: Best Spreader: