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Does Mars Hydro COB Realy Expensive

Does Mars Hydro COB Realy Expensive
By Sara hu 3 years ago 9983 Views No comments

Does Mars Hydro COB Really Expensive

When Mars Hydro COB come to the market, some people always told us that the price is so high, so does the COB really expensive?

All the parts of Mars Hydro COB price you can check on eBay:

  1. The price of MW 100H 54A : $59,
  2. The COB 3590 3000k, which the bin is 30H CD: $54.99,
  3. The finned radiator is about: $40,
  4. The Cree&Osram chips are about: $30

Total cost will over $180. That is means even if you DIY you own COB with the same parts your cost won’t less than $180. Since we are a company, we have some fixed expenses need to pay, like pay the workers, shipping fee, custom duties, storage charges etc. So our price is really reasonable.

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