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Lighting Cycles

Lighting Cycles
By Sara hu 3 years ago 10234 Views 2 comments

How many hours do you use grow light

Light is definitely one of the most important factors during their growth, but darkness also indispensable for plants, like human, they also need rest. During the day, plants absorbed the light for photosynthesis to produce energy. At night, plants will break the energy down for growth and flowering.

Different type of plants have different light cycle, but most plants would love 12 to 16 hours of light per day. During growth, most people would set the light cycle is 18/4 or 16/6 (which is 18/16 hours of light, and 4/6 hours of darkness). During flowering, keep the lighting cycle 12/12.

No one would love to work 24 hour per day-so do plants! Remember give your plants darkness to rest!

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Jack hennry 2 years ago at 1:51 AM
Thanks for resolving my concern buddy. I've just purchased your Mars 300W LED but was a bit confused about lighting setting and cycles. Though these guys have mentioned everything on their site, I still wanted to be sure with you guys opinion. Hope I'll harvest better buds with your lights.
Bud Boy 2 years ago at 4:16 PM
I believe someone needs a little rest themselves or I wasn't informed of the new 22 hours/day cycle..