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Did You Buy Real 1000w Led Grow Light?

Did You Buy Real 1000w Led Grow Light?
By Tina Chou 1 years ago 9442 Views No comments

Many suppliers sell 1000w led grow lights recently. It shows many growers are asking for 1000W led. But when you buy 1000W led, did you consider if your plants really need the leds with that high power? Is it real 1000w LED from the wall? If not, how can we judge how many watt lights is suitable for your plants and how to judge the truth of so called 1000W led on Ebay, Amazon...?

Firstly, let talk why many growers look for 1000W led?

Growers tended to buy 600W, 1000W HPS when HPS was dominant in the market. As leds becomes more and more popular, these HPS growers changed their lights to leds. They thought 1000W leds can replace 1000W HPS, that’ the main reason why they are looking for 1000W leds.

Many suppliers want to attract customers and sell mores lights, so they name their leds “1000W’’ led and told their customers they used 10W chips. In fact, the draw power of these lights is very low, 10W chips is not true. Usually when we change to LED, we need watt for watt replacement. That means we need 1000w LED (real power) to replace 1000w HPS in order to get the same yield. So it is not possible to let a 150W draw power led to replace 1000w HPS. The so called saving energy (around saving 75% energy) is not true, led tech hasn't been that advanced yet.

For example:

Some growers complained the low efficiency and bad quality of leds of growing result, they said they bought 1000W BXXXVA and KxxxPxxx led on Amazon and used them in the tent 4x4. But the plants grows very very slowly even for veg, so they have to use their old 1000W HPS again. We asked them to check the draw power, the lights is only about 150~180W. It only can work for 2’x2’---2.5’x2.5’. And they even could not find the PAR test pictures, so it is really difficult to say the lights efficiency.

If you want to use led grow lights, the most important thing is to find a suitable and right lights.

Do you really need 1000W leds for your plants?

Usually when we use traditional led grow lights: 30--35W/SF (draw power) will be needed for veg. 35--50W/SF (draw power) will be needed for flowering if you want to get good harvest, so when you choose led grow light, you can calculate how many watt led you need.

What’s more, PAR is also very important, 300--350umol/s will be needed for growth, 700--800umol/s will be needed for flowering. It can help you judge your light coverage and light efficiency.

Conclusion: when we buy led grow lights, we can not only see the name of product, we also need to read specification “draw power” and PAR, coverage of lights.Hope everyone can find the suitable lightsfor their growing. :)