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Difference Between Mars TS and Mars Reflector Led Grow Light

Difference Between Mars TS and Mars Reflector Led Grow Light
By TINA 10 months ago 9258 Views 1 comment

From 2019, Mars Hydro releases the Mars TS series, which is quantum board design, white sunlike

spectrum, and it become very hot. But many of the other growers are still prefer our Mars Reflector

series which is traditional blurple full spectrum, and with special reflector cup design. Which one is

better? What are their differences? Today we are going to show you the details from several points.

First - Light Design

- Mars TS: using no fan design, releasing heat by its own aluminum body, very quiet to use.

- Mars Reflector: Fan design, green light case, with some noise, but will be very cool to use.

Second - Reflector Design

- Mars TS: only uses a reflector cycle design, to ensure the coverage and the light output.

- Mars Reflector: uses reflector cup on each led chip, ensure 100% light output and coverage, plus help

mix the spectrum very well.

Third - Spectrum

- Mars TS: sunlike spectrum, with more green and yellow to look more natural, easier to check plants.

- Mars Reflector: blurple full spectrum, with very little unuseful green and yellow. But need to use led

grow light glasses to get clear looks of the plants

Fourth - Growing Stage Controling Design

- Mars TS: the light itself is full spectrum for all growing stage, you can adjust the hanging height

accordinglyto suit different growing stage. Or you can use a screw driver to adjust the wattage and

dim the light to suit the different growing stage.

- Mars Reflector: there are veg and bloom switches on the light, during veg you can turn veg or both

swithces on, during flowering, turn both switches on.

Finally - Daisy Chain Function

- Mars TS: daisy chain function not available.

- Mars Reflector: daisy chain function available, but over 1000w wattage together is not recommended.

So with the differences above, which led grow type you prefer? If you have more commend on the

difference between those two lights, please feel free to comment.

Cindy Jarvis 8 months ago at 10:43 AM
I love the sunlike effect, i like seeing my plants in a more natural looking light, i realize there is less far red but its perfect for veg and growing my plants huge very fast it puts out twice the lux that my cheapo blurple/w fans it was a little more expensive but it was well worth it!