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Do you know your SP-250 can work this way?

Do you know your SP-250 can work this way?
By Tina Chou 2 years ago 26258 Views No comments

On Dec. 12th, Mars Hydro released their new series: Mars SP series, and there are SP-150 and SP-250 in this series. Many growers have preordered them, and we received many feedback from them as well.

In the very beginning, the SP-250 is suppose to made as 200w, but in our first shipment, we made it to 250w, also more growers want to use it 250w, in this way, the light efficiency is only 0.013umol/j less while they have total more output from this light. However, more wattage means more heat as well. After some time's usage, some of the growers told us, the power supply aka the driver, is way too hot! And the light using in the tent also causes too much heat.

Now dear growers, here is the tips can help you. You can use your SP-250 this way to handle the heat!

Tip one: Adjust the wire length and put the power supply outside of your tent.
- Materiel you need: extra length wire, and extra connector
- How to get them: You can buy from ebay or you can contact us to buy it from us directly.
- How to do it: every SP-250 's wire are connected in a special way, but it will be easy to seperate them with just a screw driver. Check the detailed video, and you will find out how easily it will be.

Tip two: Adjust your power supply, and make the light less wattage.
- Materiel: screw driver, watt meter
- How to do it: We are using the meanwell driver for the SP-250, and it can be adjusted. Firstly you need to seperate the driver from the light, in the back of the driver, there is a hole, you need to open, and use the driver to adjust it. Plug the light into the watt meter so that you know which wattage you are getting. We recommend to adjust the light to around 200w. Then your light won't be that hot, so is the driver. Here below is also a video for reference.

What is more, our SP lights can be daisy chained, soon after our daisy chain cords are available, we will shoot a video for you as well.

So, have you learnd more ways to use your SP-250 now? Any question, just don't hesitate to contact us: info@mars-hydro.com