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Gavita HPS or Gavita leds?

Gavita HPS or Gavita leds?
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When we mentioned HPS, almost everybody can think of HPS old brand: Gavtia. It occupies a leading position in the HPS market for long time. Maybe you never imagine Gavita will produce leds. But when it happened, you must feel astonished and wanna know why.

First, let’s look at the difference between Gavita led and HPS/HID?When we use traditional blurple leds to replace HPS/HID, “Watt for Watt” rule will be used.

For example: if you use blurple leds to replace 1000W HPS/HID and wanna get almost the same harvest, then 950--1000W leds will be used. This blurple leds can help you harvest high quality buds but it did not play much role in saving electricity. And leds is more expensive than HPS/HID, so some growers prefer to use HPS/HID.

But when there is new leds in the market which can help you produce high quality buds, save electricity wand save leds cost compared with traditional blurple led, more and more commercial growers wanna try it.

When we look at Gavita leds, you will find its difference from blurple leds: Gavita leds look like white but it also contains red, blue, IR...it adjusted the spectrum to make it similar with sun light and said white leds light efficiency is more than 30% higher than traditional blurple leds.

Mars Hydro also have the similar white leds: SP-150led (135W draw power )and SP-250led (250W draw power, Meanwell driver) both uses Epistar chips, Spectrum:450--460cm, 650~660nm 3000~3200k 6000~6500k; 2.4--2.57 μmol/J, light efficiency is almost the same as Gavita leds.

In the market, most blurple leds ligth efficiency is about 1.5--2.0 μmol/J So it means when you use white led, light efficiency increases at least 30%. That’s why when you use white leds to replace HPS/HID, it will help you save at least 30% electricity.

How about the white leds price?

If you wanna try leds to replace 1000W HPS, one Gavita Pro 1650e LED MLwill work. 646W draw power, USD1389Or you can try 3pcs MarsSP-250ledx3pcs: 750W draw power, USD259x3pcs=USD777.

Mars Hydro as a direct manufacturer, its no doubt they can offer more competitive price. What’s more, they set up warehouse and repair center in the USA, Canada, EU, AU, RU, UK...they ship goods to these foreign warehouse by sea, shipping time is about 40 days, but it save lots of shipping fee compared with shipping by express.

If you consider light efficiency and price, you will understand why white led is becoming more and more popular.

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