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Is green a must for Cannabis?

  Is green a must for Cannabis?
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Natural light shows white, but it is actually made up of different colors. Our plants can grow well under these different colurs. When we use grow light to instead sunshine, should we copy the sun light and make it the same as sun light? Green light sometimes used as a tool for eliciting specific plant responses like photomorphogenic growth. If it is must for plants?

The most readily available light from the sun is green, yellow and orange. These are the primary frequencies that human eyes use. However, studies show that these are the least used light frequencies in plants. Most of the photosynthetic activity is in the blue and red frequencies, which makes full spectrum LED grow lights so beneficial.

How cannabis germinates, grows and even makes buds are affected by different color spectrum. We have no much choice to change the spectrum of sunlight when growing outdoors, but when we use grow lights to grow indoor, we can control and choose the spectrum that plants need. Next let’ see what spectrum needed for veg an flowering.

Veg: based on growers’ feedback and spectrum studies on some leds suppliers’ website, blue is the most important, then it is red, few of them mentioned green.

Pre-flower & Flower: red is the most important, then it is blue, also few growers mentioned green.

In order to prove if green is a must for plants, we have got data sheets from different spectrum study universities and grow lights manufactures website to see how red, blue and green will affect the yield and stem length. ( pictures below)

From the first two pictures, we can see 86% red+12% blue+2% green can help you get highest yields. When we use 92% green+7% blue+1% green, yield is lowest. When more green is used from 40%-48%, yield decreases.

Then let’s look at the last picture: when we use 86% red+12% blue+2% green, stem length is shortest, this is what most of growers want. When 98% red+2% green used, stem length is longest.

In conclusion: green is useful for Cannabis growth and yields, but it only plays a very very small role. If you look at spectrum of Mars Hydro leds, you will see the green is very little, we did not add green chips in the leds, but our 3500K chips have few green, we think it is enough for plants.

How about your idea about spectrum? Do you think your leds is lack of green?

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