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Grow Legal Canada!

Grow Legal Canada!
By Tina Chou 2 years ago 7405 Views No comments

It is been a long time that we expect the legalization for Canada, from 2015 when the first Legalization news announced that Canada might go legal all over the country within one year. Till now, it is finally coming within one week time, and every Canadian growers are excited about this historical moment!

And Mars Hydro, as a world wide leading led grow light and grow tent company, would for sure be happy for all the Canadian growers as well. For the moment, our customers shares the happiness of the legalization with us; For the times we talked to our Canadian partners about the bright growing futures. We can feel what you feel. Therefore, we decide to be part of it, and share Mars Hydro love to all Canada growers. We hold this activity!

For all Canadian growers, within this month, from the legalize date 17th Oct. to the end of this month 31st, Oct. We will give 10% discount for all the items except for Mars ECO, yoyo hangers, glasses; And the coupon code would be LegalCA.

What is more, with order discounted over 1000USD, you get free gift from us, either grow bar, hangers, glasses, or anti-smell bags. This is promotion even better than our Black Friday sales!

We just hope we can help more growers to get their first indoor facility at a good price. And let Mars Hydro help you grow better, and best!