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Grow your own or buy from government?

Grow your own or buy from government?
By TINA Chou 1 years ago 3140 Views 1 comment

With the official legalization of Canada on Oct. 17th, the sales of cannabis boomed! People can buy weed from the licenced growers or producers and smoking publicly. Also except for Quebec and manatoba, all other provinces you can grow 4 plants.

The weed is basically sold out on day one! It is historically moment which makes the day even better than Black Friday. Many online stores which relates to indoor growing or cannabis also benefit from it, thousands dollars or more per day income just for Canadian market.

Also, the legalization comes with positive and negative returns. More and more business rush into this industry, trying to make money from it. And the average price is now around 5CAD/g (19USD/gram in USA market for comparison). Positive one is for most of people, now weed is much more affordable, and no need to hide when smoking. And negative one might be with the competition and price dropping, the quality of the weed might decrease as well, mentioned from some of the Canadian growers, and they might prefer to grow their own weed since it is now mostly legal to grow their own. (Though still many rules, but they believe the future will be better and better.)

And what is in your mind? Would you buy from the government lincensed stores or just grow your own weed?

Nick420Guy 1 years ago at 12:21 AM
In Ontario we can only buy from the government run online store and the lowest price there is $9 Cdn per gram. Most of their prices are higher than the black market here. Might get better after April next year when the private stores should open. As for me I will not be buying from the online store unless I have no other choice. I am growing my own because I don't have to pay for it plus taxes. I know I am not getting any nasty chemicals, pesticides etc. as I don't use any. Also I have heard from a couple people now that the quality is not that great. Mostly tiny little fluffy buds.