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Happy International Labor Day

Happy International Labor Day
By Joy Qiao 1 years ago 3442 Views No comments

On May 1, 1886, more than 200,000 workers in Chicago, the United States, went on a general strike for the implementation of the eight-hour work system. After a hard and bloody struggle, they finally won. In commemoration of the great workers' movement, Second International declared May 1 as International Labor Day every year.

The workers' struggle has yielded gratifying results and their working hours have generally been shortened. Under the pressure of workers, some governments promulgated laws in favor of workers' interests, which strengthened the working class's confidence in struggle and accumulated valuable experience for the international workers' movement.

For Mars Hydro workers which is working in the office as sales, marketing, financial department, and other supporting teams, we will have holiday on May 1st. In addition to not delivering the goods during the holiday, we will normally reply to your email, so if you have anything, please feel free to contact us at any time. our contact email is info@mars-hydro.com.

Work is true source of human welfare. Thanks to the customer's support, that's what keeps us working so hard. Have a happy international labor day holiday!