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How to choose Mars Hydro lights

How to choose Mars Hydro lights
By Joy Qiao 1 years ago 12567 Views 1 comment

Many customers after entering our website, do not know what is the most suitable for their lights, So I hope you can find the most suitable lights after reading this article.

The first thing to know is whether you are a project grower or an individual grower, what is your acreage, what plants do you grow, what is your budget, etc.

Are you a commercial grower?Or are you a individual client who seek for high quality? If you are, then these three series of lights are best for you.

Mars Pro II:

- New SMD No-lens Chips, Taiwan Made Epistar Chips / Cree Chips. Higher Light Efficiency.

- Reflector Cup Design, 4/5 Chips in one Cup, Mixing the Spectrum Well, Better Coverage.

- Great for Commercial Growers and Growers Who Want Big Yeilds.

Our Mars pro II series is our best series, Cree and Epistar chips are available. And it have no glass covers the LEDs, and the reflective cup design can mix the light well. So the light will be more powerful. If you are a commercial grower, the Mars pro II series is your best choice.

Mars II

- Hot Sales for Over 5 Years. Customers’ Favorite Lights.
- Powerful lights with Higher Penetration.
- Upgraded NEW SMD No-lens Chips, Higher light efficiency. No light Waste.
- Perfect Spectrum for Both Veg & Flowering.
- Good for Both Personal & Commercial Growers.

The biggest advantage from my opinion would be the new SMD way of soldering the chips, with the new tech , there is no lens on the chips, which means less light loss, better light output; compare to the old model, the led would not burn out easily; in fact the best leds brands such as Cree , Osram are using such kind of chips , and we believe it will be the trend in led technology.

Do you like the white light? Do you like QB? Do you want to save energy?If you are, then our newly released series is best for you.

Mars SP Led Grow Light

- White Color but with Full Spectrum Plants Needed, Protecting Eyes.
- New SMD Chips,Quantum Board Design, Lights More Balanced and Even. Better Coverage.
- Saving Up to 50% Energy.
- Light Efficiency Around 2.4 umol/j
- 0 DB, Quiet Even in Bedroom
- 90% Components are UL listed, Quality Ensured.
- Flexible Installation, Great for Both Personal & Commercial Growers.

This lights caught the attention of many growers when we first launched, Our first stock was fully booked a month ago. Do you want to know why this light is so popular? Click here to know more information: WHY SP SERIES IS THE PERFECT SUBSTITUTE FOR HPS

Do you think the price of these lights is beyond your budget?You want a more cheaper, more energy-efficient, more cost-effective light? Then the lamp below will meet your requirements

Mars Reflector Led Grow Light
- Reflector Cup Design, Bigger Coverage, Spectrum Mixed Better.
- Full Spectrum, Good for Both Veg and Flowering.
- Upgraded NEW SMD No-lens Chips, Higher light efficiency. No light Waste.
- Good for Both Personal & Greenhouse Growers.

Mars reflector series is our best seller because of its low price and high quality. Its relatively low wattage helps growers save energy during use. Of course if you're a commercial vegetable grower, I strongly recommend this light, which can bring you a good harvest and will not cost you too much.

Are you going to grow auto? Do you like cob? Do you like the chips of Cree and Osram? Mars COB is the best choice for you.

Mars COB:

- High End Quality Components:
- Cree CXB 3590 & Osram chips, higher light efficiency
- Meanwell driver, longer lifespan, voltage adjustable.
- Whole body with thick aluminum, easy to release heat.

- 0 DB, Quiet Even in Bedroom;
- IP65, Waterproof.

Cree CXB 3590 is is very suitable for growing auto, This lamp has no fan, so there is no noise. Its fan heater is very thick, so it can dissipate heat well. Even if you grow it in the bedroom, it is ok! You can use our light-tight tent, and then you will have a good dream in your bedroom.

Do you say you are a green hand?Do you have a small budget?Do you want cheapest lights? We can certainly meet your needs here!

Mars ECO Led Grow Light
- Upgraded NEW SMD No-lens Chips, Higher light efficiency & Longer Lifespan.
- Full Spectrum, Good for Both Veg & Bloom.
- Daisy Chain Function Available.
- Affordable Price for Beginners.

This light can be said to be cheap price but not cheap quality, For us, the cost of this ECO is not cheap, The purpose of producing this light is to enable more beginners to use led lights. Many growers may notice that ECO series never participated in every promotion, because this light is almost zero profit for us. So even if your budget is small, we can provide you with a good quality and guaranteed light

Now that you've found the right lights, choose a tent for your light!

Mars Grow Tents
- Strong 1680D Diamond Mylar Cloth. Longer Lifespan, Helping Doubled the Light Efficiency.
- No Plastic Parts, All with Steel Tubes, Higher Weight Capacity.
- Double Needled Sewing Process, Tents Hard to Broke.
- Heavy Duty Zippers, Longer Lifespan, No Light Leak.
- Reinforced Corners, Longer Lifespan.
- Enough Poles & Windows for Indoor Growers’ Usage.
- No Light Leak, Even in the Dark Bedroom.

More information about our tents, please click here: 10 REASONS WHY CHOOSE MARS HYDRO GROW TENTS.

I hope you can find your right Led grow lights and tents here, and I also hope you have a happy shopping experience. If you have any further question, please contact us freely. info@mars-hydro.com

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