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How to Install Grow Tent Properly

How to Install Grow Tent Properly
By Tina Chou October 25, 2018 31659 Views No comments

Recently, we got some negative feedbacks on our Grow Tents(especially the smaller ones like 70x70x160cm and 100x100x180cm)Some customers say it is hard to install these sizes and the canvas would be ripped Accidently.

Generally, it is very easy to install small size tents other than the big ones and there would be no damage at all.Just because the method is not correct.

We have changed the tent canvas Mylar from Lichee Pattern to Waffle Pattern for a while.Maybe some of you guys have noticed the difference. Sorry that we didn't publish the news before.

We should have made a banner and post it on official website. Here are some basic difference between these two materials: Lichee pattern is relatively not easy to show fold-mark. Because the material surface is very plain.

However, Waffle pattern is uneven and there would be fold-mark easily. So if you put strong strength on the surface during assembling. It would crack the canvas Mylar. That’s why there are some negative reviews for the new materials tent.

You would ask how to avoid to crack the Mylar and how to install the Grow Tent correctly?

Firstly, you must tell yourself that you should be a little patient to grow tent just like you treat your babies. With this thought, any difficulties can be solved. Second, you need to install all poles and interlocking well. You can see the Grow Tent frame after this work. Then you need to put the cloth(Mylar) on the frame.

Attention: It is better to nest the top of canvas on the frame firstly. Then it will become very simple to nest the bottom canvas. Because there are some zippers that can loose the material at the bottom. But the material on the top doesn’t have the special access.

If the waffle pattern Mylar is not fixed as Lichee pattern, why we still use it? Because the light reflective rate of it is much higher than Lichee pattern. As you can see, there are many small squares that looks like diamond.

It can definitely strengthen the light reflective rate and makes your plants get more light on the condition that the same grow light is used. So the final yield would be better. The final winner is yourself.

Although we are a Chinese factory, we know what our customers need. So we need to adjust timely according to the customers’ request. Each change necessarily would meet some problems at the beginning. But each problem will contribute to the final success. We are on the way and do our best to make the Grow Tent become better and better.

Also, pls give me a little time to introduce the advantages of our grow tent.

1) Metal interlocking, sturdy frame

2) Infrared Blocking Roof Insertion

3) Heavy Duty Flood Protection Pool

4) Double Cinching, No Leak Ducting Ports

5)“Easy Engage” Zippers

6) 360 Degree “Wrap Around” Access

7) Micro Mesh Pest Control Pre-Filters

8) Easy set up instructions

Anyway, any products need to be treated gently at the beginning. In this way, it can reward you a long lifespan indeed. Be a little patient when you assemble the tent, it would bring you a bigger harvest.