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Pros and Cons of different grow light

Light is very important for every plants, someone would like to use HPS, someone would like the natural sun light or led grow lights, so what the difference?

Pros of HPS Grow Lights

  1. HPS are the most efficient type of grow light
  2. HPS grow lights are the most efficient and the best for the flowering stage.
  3. HPS lights are simple to use

Cons of HPS Grow Lights

  1. HPS bulbs get really hot and generate a lot of heat
  2. Additional setup – you need other exhaust fans to dissipate the heat
  3. More parts - HPS lighting means a few more parts than other types of lighting.

Pros of LED grow light

  1. LEDs almost always have built-in cooling that pushes heat up and away from the plants
  2. Plug and play
  3. Some growers believe LEDs produce more resinous bud and Higher THC, will shorten the growth time.

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