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How to Choose Right LED Grow Light

How to Choose Right LED Grow Light
By Sara hu 3 years ago 9965 Views No comments

How to choose right led grow light

Light is one of the important factors for plants growing, choosing right led grow light will help you get great yields. But now there are some Led Grow Light in the market, so How to choose right led grow light?

There are some aspects help you choose right LED grow lights:

  • What size of your grow area. Your grow area will decided how many watt lights you need, A good rule-of-thumb for LED grow lights is 30w-50w of actual wattage per sq ft will help you get decent results. For example, your grow area is 4 sq ft (2’x2’) you may at least need 150w grow lights.
  • If you want growing from seedling to flowering, you will want to purchase a full cycle LED which have bloom and growth switches, that will help you control different growth stage easily.
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