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Mars II series stop producing announcement

Mars II series stop producing announcement
By Sara hu 3 years ago 9092 Views 3 comments

Dear all Mars-hydro customer:

We decided that we will stop producing Mars II series grow lights now,after all the stocks sold out,the Mars II series will be history.

We have been selling Mars II series light since 2011,then we upgraded the light: daisy chain,chips from 3W to 5W,growth and bloom switches,later we had passed the ETL certification...and so on.Mars II series have keep accompany with us for over 7 years already.

Many growers got great results with it,and they want us to keep producing the Mars II series light.But we want to provide better products to you guys,so we have to state that: we will not produce Mars II series anymore.

Later we will publish a new series lights to replace the Mars II series.Let’s looking forward it.

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Mr d d 2 years ago at 12:05 PM
Will we still be able to get parts if we have a problem with the light
Tina 2 years ago at 9:54 PM
Sure, every lights you buy from us got warranty service. :)
Nicole M 2 years ago at 1:45 PM
I think they have the best light going in this new series of lights taking over the Mars 2 series.