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Mars Hydro 2019 Spring holiday notice

Mars Hydro 2019 Spring holiday notice
By Tina Chou 8 months ago 1520 Views No comments

As Spring Holiday of 2019 is approaching, more and more people are going back home for family reunion. It is the biggest migration around the year, people working in the Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, and other big cities are now going back to their home for the Spring Holiday. Usually, it is the longest holiday around the year, and many people work far away from home, and only got this chance to go home.

The Spring holiday for 2019 is started from 4th. Feb to 10th Feb. But usually the migration will begin around one month before the holiday, especially for the factory workers, and usually people will come back from home to work after Latern Festival. So this is the same situation in Mars Hydro. For our factory workers, they are working very hard around the year, and usually have no weekend time to relax. So during the Spring holiday, they are allowed to go back home earlier, so that they can have more time with their family. As suppliers factory cannot provide material in time, we also lack labor, while the shipping company stops working, we do not accept the orders which needs to ship from China, and don't accept any customize orders during our Spring holiday. :)

For Mars Hydro workers which is working in the office as sales, marketing, financial department, and other supporting teams, we will have holiday from 2nd. Feb to 12th. Feb. But our warehouse in US, Canada, AU, Germany, and UK won't stop working, plus we prepared enough stock, so you can feel free to order during our holiday; What is more, we will also check email and social platforms now and then in case you need to find us occassionally. We will try our best to reply your msg within 24 hours and try our best to help. But please forgive in advance we might not reply very soon and in time, since some of us might go back home, where the signal is not that good. Anyway, the best way to contact us is to email us: info@mars-hydro.com . Your kind understanding and patience will be highly appreciated!

As every Chinese, we are also very looking forward to the Spring holiday, we will have big dinner with our family, and will have new years eve to stay up to and have fireworks celebrations. That is the happiest moment for a year, and happiest time to spend with family. We will be very happy to share with you our holiday pictures. Looking forward to it? Please like our social platforms: facebook, INS, 420magazine, grasscity, AFN, TGL, etc. :)

And at the end, hope everyone will have a blessed 2019 new year!

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