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Mars Hydro 420 Promotion & Giveaway

Mars Hydro 420 Promotion & Giveaway
By CATHY CATHY 4 months ago 4649 Views No comments

Hi everyone, 420 is coming

Did you have any plan about how to celebrate this marijuana holiday?

We heard cannabis companies that were planning to host elaborate monthlong celebrations around 4/20 have been

forced to change plans and are turning to virtual parties that include specials and giveaways.

Gone are large gatherings of people celebrating the unofficial April 20 cannabis holiday due to the effect of virus.

There are some suggestions for you to take care of your health and protect others:

-Wear a mask when you go outside

-Wash your hands frequently.

-Keep social distance(1m-3m).

-Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth by un-washed hands.

- Pls kindly stay away from people who are in or have recently visited (past 14 days) areas

where COVID-19 is spreading.

-Stay at home as much as possible.

We hope we can go through this together and beat the virus, Everyone will stay safe and sound.

As a leds grow light manufacturer, Mars Hydro still want to bring you surprise and enjoyment at this tough period,

so we hold Giveaway and promotion:


1. Date: April 10-22th

2. How to join in: We have the following platforms to host giveaway, welcome to join in us: Instgram, facbook, TGL,

420 magazine, AFN, ICMA

3. Prize: we will send one led or one leds+tent for one winner in each platform

【420 DAY #Promotion!】

Date: 20th--22th, April

1)Buy one and get free one leds: ProII160led and COB (USA customers), ProII120led and ProII Cree256led

(Australia customers)

2)10% off for SP150led and SSP250led (USA & Canada & EU customers);

All have a blessed time

Peace and Love !