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Mars Hydro Australia sale

Mars Hydro Australia sale
By BRUCE 1 years ago 17467 Views 1 comment

Mars Hydro Australia sale:

As we know, Australia will meet with winter soon. So there will be a lot of people who turn into indoor grow. To let them get the most affordable grow kits, we will offer 10% discount for our best-seller models: New Mars II series, Reflector series, ECO series and Grow tent. Here i want to show the main features of these series to help you get what most suit you.

1: Mars II series:

1) New SMD tech(No Lens, no light waste, more efficient;less burnt out, more durable)

2) No glass( No glass in front of PCB board, deeper penetration)

3) Most powerful( Most powerful series in all our products)

4) Daisy Chain(Mars II 400 and 900 and be chained together)

Mars II series

2:Reflector series:

1) Reflective cup design( enlarge coverage of each led and strengthen the penetration)

2) Flexible shapes(Four shapes for different grow area)

3) Cost-effective(Most cost effective model in all our products)

Reflector series

3:ECO series:

1) One switch(Full spectrum for the entire grow process)

2) Daisy Chain(less power cords will be needed)

3) The best series to replace old Mars 300 and 600

4) Affordable(Very suitable f or new growers)

ECO series

4:Grow tent:

1) 1680D diamond Mylar(Thick and increase Par)

2) Metal Frame(Metal poles and corners, very solid)

3) Pouch(convenient to place small grow equipments)

4) View window(decline light leak, convenient for viewing)

5) Easy set up(instruction manual to guide)

Mars Grow tent

If you still don’t know how to pick the most suitable model, here are the suggestions:

If you are a totally new grower, buy ECO series.

If you are tight on budget and want to get a nice yield, buy reflector series.

If you want to get much better yield, buy Mars II series.

It is true that growing in a closed tent can increase the yield somehow.

Oh, I forgot to tell how to get 10% discount. Adding coupon code”kangaroo” into your order to get it. And it is only available for Australia customers. BTW, The code is still available for Pro II series and Cree COB series.

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Darren 5 months ago at 11:35 PM
I would like a price including delivery in Australian dollars ...for 1x 5ftx5ft tent.
1x ts3000 led grow light..
Delivered to yeppoon qld.