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Mars Hydro Cup 4

Mars Hydro Cup 4
By Sara hu 3 years ago 5881 Views No comments

Winner Category

1. Best Grow journal

Minimum weekly updates or else disqualified. The plant should have obviously change from 1st Nov to 31st Dec.

2. Best picture

Send your picture to marketing2@mars-hydro.com and we will post it on Instagram, who get the most likes who win this category, but if you buy likes, your rights will be cancelled. The picture should have obviously change.

3. Best Video

Send your video to sales18@lgledsolutions.com and we will post it on Youtube, the most comments & likes will win. The time should be at 3-5min and 2-3 videos per month.

Award or the products we would like to sponsor every winner:

Mars Eco 49 / Mars Eco 98

Upgraded Mars II 400 / Upgrade Mars II 1600 ( Still not release )

Mars Pro II 120 / Mars Pro II 320


  1. There are 2 winners for every part.
  2. The winner will get the extra tent if using the Mars-Hydro LED grow light & tent both.
  3. Best Video winners will get Mars Pro II 320 & Upgraded Mars II 1600
  4. Best Grower Journal winners will get Mars Pro II 120 & Mars Eco 98
  5. Best Picture winners will get Mars II 400 & Mars Eco 49

#. You should have to show some kind of progressive growth. Mars-Hydro light (tent) must be seen in pictures, videos and grow journal.

Mars Hydro Cup 4: Begin 1,Nov,2017 End:31,Dec,2017

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