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Mars Hydro Cup Half Way Summary

Mars Hydro Cup Half Way Summary
By Richard Fu 1 years ago 2344 Views 1 comment

Hello guys, how are you doing?

Does anyone know about our Mars Hydro Cup? So far, the race is now halfway through, and we have about 20 participators. Everyone made and posted great video's. I even think everyone has the possibility of winning the prize.

Let's take a look at this friend's plants, He grows a lot of ornamental plants with Mars II 900 and 2 PCs ECO 300W, It looks great! So how do you think this video?

And second, Let’s take a look GROWHARD17’s video. He used our grow tent, reflector 96, and our old Mars 300, It might be better if the video was made up of video clips instead of photos.

Look at this guy, he said that our glasses is useful. It protects your eyes from light damage.

OK, the next one is H&H Grows’ video, He used the SP-250 and 2*4 tent, Do you think he will win another SP-250 and a tent?

Come on guys, You have one last chance!

Don't be jealous when you see someone else win a prize and grow a great plant with their prize! LOL.

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Susan Boldt 1 years ago at 6:22 AM
Is there a way to enter if you don’t own any mars hydro products yet? I’m a new grower and will be needing to get way more lights and accessories in the near future. Kindly Susan Boldt