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Mars Hydro FAQ Section 1 - Frequantly Asked Questions on How to use Led Grow Lights

Mars Hydro FAQ Section 1 - Frequantly Asked Questions on How to use Led Grow Lights
By Hazel Hazel June 29, 2021 14112 Views No comments

Here starts a new series of Mars Hydro Knowledge blogs. We'll irregularly upload a blog explaining some frequently asked questions about tips to use Mars Hydro Led grow lights, tents, kits...and about orders, shipments, reasons for product's upgrades...

Mars Hydro Main FAQ page:

Mars Hydro FAQ Section 1

Q: How to install/set up an inline fan and carbon filter?

A: Please kindly check this video for installation steps: Click here to see the video on YouTube

Below is a picture of various installation methods.

Q: How to cool my grow tent?

A: Actually, the heat source is not the light but the driver/power supply of the light.

Tip 1: You can remove the driver off the light, and place it outside your tent. Mars Hydro grow lights now have a 2m long extension cord supporting you to do this.

Tip 2: You can add a fan blowing to the light, and keep your ventilation system working, this is the fastest way to remove heat.

Q: How to clean my Mars Hydro led grow lights?

A: DO NOT clean directly with water!

First, you need to turn off the lights.

Then, unplug the power supply so that the lights are in a non-electric state.

Finally, use a clean cloth (with some alcohol) to gently wipe the lights.

Q: How to use a dimmer box?

A: There are two switches on our dimmer box.

Dimming Switch: the switch on the back of the dimmer box

Light Switch: the switch in the front of the dimmer box

-Keep both switches on, the light is on and the dimming function is available.

-Keep both switches off, the light is off.

Dimming Switch

Light Switch

Light Status

Status 1




Status 2




Status 3




Status 4




Q: How to dim Mars Hydro LED grow lights?

A: This is frequently asked since we have had dimmers on Mars Hydro grow lights. Here is the dimming guide for your reference, please adjust it appropriately according to the situation of your plants.

  • You need to have a dimmable light. (TS600, SP150 are not dimmable)
  • Confirm which Mars Hydro light model you have.
  • Turn all light switches on.
  • Find corresponding light dimming instructions in the sheet below.
  • Slowly increase the brightness of the light as the plants grow.

Dimming Instruction Sheet for Different Lights

Mars Hydro Light ModelSeedlingVegFlower

Ambient temperature 30 ( 86)

Ambient temperature 30 ( 86)
80%-100%Early flower12''-18"
Mid flower
Late flower

Ambient temperature 30 ( 86)

Attention 1: Hanging height is the distance between canopy and LED grow lights

Attention 2: Veg stage lasts for several weeks. Gradually increasing the dimming scale and decreasing the height is the best way to find a suitable distance.

Attention 3: When you use the recommended hanging height for FC series & FC-E series, you need to keep the Ambient temperature ≦ 30℃ ( 86℉); if the temperature is higher, then hang it higher.

For the height and dimming scale for FC & FC-E series specially, click here to watch a video for your reference.



More Grow Tips and Light use Instructions are on the way...

If you have any questions that you want to know about Mars Hydro, please leave a comment below this blog. We'll address it for you in a subsequent blog.

Thanks for supporting Mars Hydro.