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Mars Hydro Grow Tent:Double Duct Port Enclosures

Mars Hydro Grow Tent:Double Duct Port Enclosures
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Double Duct Port Enclosures

Ventilation system is very important for a grow room, such as: Remove Excess Heat, Control Humidity, Prevent Pests and Diseases,etc. If the ventilation system didn’t work well, it will leads to light leak, that will be a nightmare for a

grower. So making the duck port light-tight is very important.

Mars-hydro grow tent use double duct port enclosures and the reflective interior lining, in addition, we adopted the light-leak protection design.

The duck port use two layers of reflection material which will reflect maximum light back to the plants.

The Nylon buckle, it is strong and durable to use. The ports allow you to implement duct work, fans, filters and electric appliances easily, and without light leak.

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