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Mars Hydro need tester

Mars Hydro need tester
By Joy Qiao 1 years ago 11203 Views 2 comments

As you know, we have two new lights on the market this year, SP series and TS series. and we have received a lot of emails from enthusiastic growers asking about testers in the past few months, so here we are officially announcing that, yes, we need testers now. So how do we become our testers? Please see the following condition.

Application condition

YouTube: If you have rich experience in growing and shooting video, and would like to use our lights to complete the whole growing process and share with us, subscriber 4k+, welcome to share your channel to us

Instagram: If you think your photos look good and you have rich experience in growing, and willing to share the pictures and feedback of using our products with fans every week, followers 3k+, welcome to share your page to us.

Forum: If you like to interact with people on forum and have ever written growing diary on forum, please send us the link of growing diary you wrote before when contacting us.

No matter what platform you are on, the most important thing is that you love growing. If you meet the above conditions, you are welcome to contact us, our contact email is info@mars-hydro.com

Johnny Angel 5 months ago at 5:02 AM
Hello my name is John Angel from Mr.Angelleaf Angelleaf Co. I have a facebook and YouTube channel. Brand new little caregivers growing outfit in Eliot Maine USA. Where recreational marijuana was just legalized. I have purchased your 600 watt aluminum hood led light and I love it. I would be honored to feature your lights exclusively in every video and picture we post as well as supply links and fully endorse your product. I truly believe in your product and vision. I hope you can believe in mine. I want to teach people it's not so scary to sow and grow cause growing is living.. I left you my personal email and I will be eagerly awaiting for a response. With all my word I promise I will be the hardest working most positive advocate for all your products if you are willing to help me achieve my dreams.. Thank you sincerely for this opportunity

Reply: Thanks will reply soon
Nick Livingston 4 months ago at 1:11 PM
We are The Canabisseur (spelled wrong for your safety) with an estimated reach of 5000 on Facebook. We would love to test your light for the home growers of Oklahoma.